Why some women like dark skinned men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why we get attracted to different kinds of people

Some women like men with dark skin while some others like men with fair skin.
Is there a certain rule for that equation?

Can we generalize and explain why each group has certain preferences for a certain skin color?
Well that is not possible simply because each woman has her own specific love map which determines which skin color she will prefer.

The love map of each woman has certain unconscious beliefs about things related to attraction. The reason i am saying that those beliefs are unconscious is that most people aren't aware of the items in their love maps. See how to understand your love map.

Because each woman has different beliefs about the same things their preferences usually end up becoming different. One women might only get attracted to men with dark skin because she has certain beliefs about dark skin while another might only get attracted to men with fair skin because she has totally different beliefs about the dark skin.

Women do care about looks to a certain extent but what most people don't know is that women might be looking for certain facial features in order to make sure that some personality traits are present.

In other words, women can be looking for certain looks because they care about being with a certain personality.

Why some women like dark skinned men

Let's suppose that a woman had very fair skin. If that woman developed certain negative beliefs about her skin color then she will favor men with dark skin.

That woman might have concluded that a fair skin means that a person is weak. Of course this is not a fact but it's just a belief that this woman holds. But because the love map depends on our beliefs and not facts this woman might think that all men with fair skin aren't that strong.

The opposite might also happen if the woman developed negative beliefs about dark skin. If that woman believed that a dark skin makes a person inferior , because she was surrounded by racist people for example, then she might only get attracted to men with fair skin.

In other words the beliefs a person acquires about a certain feature is the thing that affects his love map. If a man believed that obese people are lazy , on the unconscious level, then that man will only get attracted to slim women. See how women choose their mates.

So the important conclusion here is that the environment that a woman was raised in will determine to a great extent the skin color she finds appealing.

A real life example

Sarah, not a real person, was told one day that men with dark skin have better health. That belief was further strengthened when Sarah came across a study one day that claimed that Dark skinned men might have a higher immunity.

This alone didn't let Sarah find Dark men more attractive but as Sarah started getting ill very frequently she started blaming her pale skin. Sarah's subconscious mind then became convinced that in order for her to have healthy offspring she needs to be with a dark skinned man.

The item was added to Sarah's love map and Sarah only found Dark skinned men attractive.
This is just one example. Each person is a special case.

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