Why they didn't accept your friend requests

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why don't they do it

Why some people didn't accept your friend requests?

As usual on 2knowmyself we analyze everything from a psychological point of view. If you have been reading on 2knowmyself for a while then probably you know that each behaviour can stem from so many different motives.

Yes in some cases a person won't accept a friend request because they don't like you but in many other cases a totally different motive might result in that same exact behaviour.

In this article i will examine some of those popular motives and shed some light on them.

Why they didn't accept your friend requests

Some people don't feel safe with strangers around them. The majority of people would want to keep their lives private and as a result they might not feel comfortable accepting everyone.

You might think that since those people barely know you then they should feel comfortable around you but things don't work this way. I for example used to accept any kind of friend request , even from people i never knew, but shortly the following happened:

Some haters added me then each now i then i used to find a very offensive comment on one of my posts. I had to delete all of those haters but as the process was lengthily i realized that i shouldn't be letting anyone on my list. See why do haters hate.

This sends us to the next psychological reason that prevents people from accepting friend requests which is past experience. If a person had bad past experience with strangers or people he barely knew then he might not accept new requests easily not to repeat that past experience. See also can Facebook make you unhappy.

I am not an easy catch

This reason is more common among women than men. Sometimes a woman would delay accepting a friend request or even deny the request just because she doesn't want to seem easy. If a stranger sent a friend request to a woman and she accepted it then , according to the woman's logic, she might seem like an easy woman.

Based on that way of thinking so many women don't accept friend requests of strangers or even people they barely know. This behaviour is usually copied from the society a woman lives in. If the norm in a certian city is not being open to strangers then most women will follow that rule.

In addition to that most women get repelled by desperate men. If a man met a woman once in his life and chatted for 2 minutes then added her on Facebook the next day then this woman might believe that this man is desperate. In such a case this woman might refuse to accept the friend request of that man.

Fear plays a role

Fear plays an important rule in this process as well. A person could not want to accept a new request because he is not sure of the intentions of that person sending the request. Some people are afraid to include evil ones on their lists while others fear that strangers would know their private secrets.

Paranoid people for example can hardly accept the friend request of a person they don't know well. They can assume that this person is adding them just to spy on them.

In addition to all that some people like to leave friend requests pending in order to satisfy their Egos. Those people like to feel like celebrities when they find that so many requests are pending their approval.

Of course there are many other reasons apart from the ones mentioned in this article but in short its not always about you.

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