Why your voice isn't deep

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The testosterone complex

In many of my previous articles i talked about the testosterone complex or the excessive desire of males to be more manly. It's a widely known fact that high levels of testosterone result in a deeper voice. Many males don't feel good about that fact since they believe that they have low levels of testosterone.

But does a high pitched voice always mean that you have low levels of testosterone?
The short answer is no. Just like any other hormone ,that is controlled by genetics, the function of testosterone can be overridden by the environment.

In my previous article Does having low testosterone make you less of a man i explained how the environmental factors can have a greater impact on a person's behaviour than his own hormones.

In the same article i said that a man with high testosterone can be less brave than a man with low levels of testosterone just because they were raised differently.

In other words you might be having good levels of testosterone yet unable to utilize it because of the environmental factors you have been subjected to.

Your emotions control your voice

Ever noticed that sometimes your voice becomes deep while saying certain things?
I am not talking about controlling your voice to make it deeper but i am talking about normal moments where you say something naturally only to find that the voice coming out is much deeper than usual.

If this happens to you then probably your devices , lungs and voice box, are capable of producing a deep voice naturally.

But if that's the case then why you find your voice high pitched in many occasions especially the ones that are important to you?

Simply because when your emotions take over your system your voice will change. If you suffer from anxiety and if this anxiety accompanies you whenever you go then most probably your voice will be high pitched even though you could do much better.

Some disorders ,such as anxiety, can accompany a person almost everywhere he goes especially when there are social interactions. In such a case that person will consistently fail to talk with the voice tone he wants because of his unwanted emotions.

How to deepen your voice naturally

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that sometimes a person gets used to a psychological problem to the extent that he can no longer feel its existence. If for the past 2 , 5 or 16 years you been feeling anxious around people then probably you got used to that anxiety to the extent that it became a part of your personality.

In such a case you might not be able to tell whether something is wrong or not simply because you got used to what's wrong. Now the most important thing you need to do right now is to find out exactly about the bad emotions that accompany you in social interactions then work on getting rid of them.

This won't be an easy task but once it's done you will realize that your voice have changed greatly when talking to strangers.

But my voice is high pitched when i talk to friends

Research have shown that our voice changes depending on the people we are talking to. Generally when talking to friends or romantic lovers you should expect your voice to be more friendly and less threatening.

So having a high pitched voice while talking to friends or romantic partners doesn't mean that your voice should always be like that. In short, you are good : )

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