How to rewire the human circuit and change people instantly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can you change a person instantly?

The short answer is yes.

Human beings are so complex. Each person has so many unconscious goals and motives acting upon him in the same time. Those motives can even be totally conflicting. I explained before how two conflicting desires can co-exist in your brain and thus result in slowing you down or even preventing you from doing a certain behaviour.

But the good news i have for you is that there is a very powerful way that can help you change a person or yourself instantly by just getting a deeper understanding of how your conflicting motives interact together.

Before i tell you about this method i just have to be sure that you are aware of the fact that each person sees the world from his own unique angle. When i look at any thing, let's say a cat, the beliefs and thoughts that will come to my mind will be totally different than the beliefs and thoughts that will come to the mind of a different person.

This happens because the memories i have with cats and the beliefs i hold about them might be totally different than the beliefs and the memories this other person has of cats.

This is why when i coach a client i avoid at all costs forcing my own personal beliefs into the client's head simply because the client will hardly see the world the way i see it.

What many coaches do wrong is that they try to assume that the world can always be seen the same way by everybody and that's a totally wrong concept.

How to rewire the human circuit?

Let's suppose that you have an electric circuit that passes a certain current, wouldn't it be possible to just rewire the same circuit in a different way without introducing any external parts?

Probably that's possible. The external parts in this analogy are the foreign beliefs introduced to a person. In other words what we are trying to do is to force the person to rewire his own circuits based on his own existing beliefs.

Let's get to the practical example to make things clearer.
Let's suppose that a client got addicted to porn and kept doing that habit for 10 years. In such a case no matter how i try to convince the client that porn is bad , my point of view, it won't work.

Now let's suppose that as i examined the client's beliefs , his unique circuit, i found that he believes that he is unique and one of a kind. Now that belief is a component of that client's circuit that can be easily rewired.

Telling the client something as simple as "How can a unique person like you fall prey to a mainstream habit that many people fall prey to?"

What i just did was using one of the client's strongest beliefs against him. I didn't try to force the client into a certain direction but i just pointed his attention to a very powerful conflict between his bad habit and his self concept or his identity.

The reason this way works like magic is that a typical person will fight fiercely to reinforce his own self concept simply because it matters to him a lot. Under that powerful effect of rewiring many clients actually change instantly and remain like that for the rest of their lives.

You need to get the beliefs right

Now what if that client i was coaching believed that he is an ordinary person?
In such a case that statement i made would have had no effect at all on him and this is why understanding a person's beliefs is an essential requirement for changing him to the better.

The good news is that you already know everything about yourself and so finding out how to rewire your own circuit shouldn't be a tough task.

Now back to my client. My client could have had a conflicting belief such as "i watch porn because i sexually active". In such a case that belief would certainly make my statement ineffective but if pointed out to the client , with proofs, that porn addiction has little to do with sexual desire and has a lot to do with dopamine addiction i would easily reinforce my point. See why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire.

In such a case the client will realize that he is among addicts and that the fact that he is special should prevent him from ever getting involved into that habit again.

Yeah, A bit complex yet extremely effective approach.

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