Why do bad boys wear leather jackets and boots

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The bad boy's clothes

If you searched the internet for ways to become like a bad boy you will find that among them is choosing bad boy clothes. Most of the sites that talk about that topic suggest wearing leather jackets and boots.

For the first instance this might seem like shallow advice but when i compared those advice to the real bad boys i know i found that in many cases they do pickup similar clothes. This led me to another question, Why would a natural bad boy pick such clothes?

After all that guy isn't doing it because he wants to look like a bad boy but he is doing it because he is already a bad boy. What's his motive then for picking a leather jacket and a boot?

And why do many bad boys stick to those clothes?

Why do bad boys wear leather jackets and boots

Of course bad boys don't think about becoming bad boys nor they try hard to be someone they aren't. They just act based on their natural instincts and do what makes them feel comfortable. See why do women like bad boys.

A bad boy is generally brave, wild, adventurous and hardly cautious. This type of personality implies wearing simple clothes that gives that person the maximum amount of freedom.

With a simple V-shirt , a leather jacket and a boot that bad boy can jump over obstacles, do dangerous stuff, ride a bike or do whatever he wants without worrying much about his clothes. This is also why many bad boys prefer trucks. They just want something that allows them to go through whatever they want with a sheer force instead of having to worry about anything on the street.

Bad boys are brave and aren't afraid to fight. Because of that they pick the kind of clothes that can allow them to fight easily without worrying about anything. A boot makes a perfect choice in such a case. It's big, can make the person less cautious and can really hurt during a fight.

Bad boys are usually dangerous and as a result they tend to like the clothes that reflect their nature. They unconsciously get attracted to whatever makes them seem dangerous or threatening.

Becoming a bad boy

A bad boy picks clothes that match his life style. And because the life style of that bad boy is full of adventures, movement and dangerous stuff he sometimes ends up wearing some of the clothes described above. See how to become a bad boy without being bad.

Dressing like a bad boy will certainly help you communicate some messages to the people around you but what's more important is that your own behaviour confirms your look.

Work on your courage, build your self confidence, learn to be outspoken and let go of your fears. Only then you can be a true bad boy instead of just looking like one.

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