Internet addiction disorder symptoms and treatment

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Definition of internet addiction disorder

Internet addiction disorder is relatively a new term that was supported by some parties and criticized by others.

The point of the debate was whether internet addiction is really a disorder or whether its just a bad habit of over using a new technology. I don’t really care about who is right because what i care about is letting you know why you overuse the internet and how to get over this problem.

Internet addiction disorder symptoms

I won't argue whether internet addiction is really a disorder or not but you need to understand that if the following symptoms are present then your over use of internet is not correct:

  • You spend very long time on the internet
  • You may stay online in-spite of suffering from bad consequences (e.g having no time to study or even losing your job)
  • You feel irritable when you try to reduce your use of internet
  • You stay online longer than the time you planned to stay
  • You depend on internet to get rid of bad moods

Internet addiction disorder causes

What causes internet addiction disorder?
Here are some possible reasons

  • External dependency and internet addiction :just like any other addiction external dependency is always a big factor. External dependency is the habit of depending on an external factor in order to feel happy or to escape from a bad mood.
  • Internet addiction and the need for socializing: sometimes the real cause behind internet addiction is a real need for socializing. Some shy people or those who don't know how to socialize try to use the internet to satisfy the social needs they can't satisfy otherwise
  • Internet addiction as an escapement method: some people overuse the internet just to escape from their problems. Usually those people have other problems that they don’t want to face therefore they use the internet in order to forget about them. In My article psychology self deception i explained how the subconscious mind always comes with neat self deception attempts in order to allow you to escape without feeling guilty. since it would hurt your ego to admit that you want to escape your subconscious mind lets you develop an addiction such as internet addiction in order to let you think that you are not escaping

Why internet addiction is hard to spot

The problem with internet addiction is that it does not appear as dangerous as other types of addiction and this allows it to escape unnoticed in most cases.

The same happens with love addition (which is being unable to live without a loving partner nor tolerating being alone). Love addiction is very dangerous, in my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how love addiction can prevent people from recovering after breakups, force them to fall in love with the wrong persons and prevent them from having a healthy relationship.

Keeping an eye on such addictions that seem to be harmless such as internet addiction disorder because usually they hide behind them more serious personal problems.

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