The Butterfly Effect theory

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Butterfly Effect theory

The butterfly effect theory is a theory that states that when a butterfly moves its wings somewhere in the world it can cause a tornado in another part of the world.

This might sound like an unrealistic assumption, How can a slight change like that one result in a big one such as a tornado?

Here is an example that will help you understand the Butterfly Effect theory in real life. A man was working in a company where he was mistreated by his manager and after months of being disrespected by his arrogant boss he decided to quit.

Before the man left the company he spoke about it to the other employees and the result was that three other people decided to quit too.

When those people found themselves unemployed they decided to start their own business. After some time and a lot of hard work their business became a very successful to the extent that they started competing with the company they used to work for. Under the pressure of the fierce competition the old company declared bankruptcy!!

Didn't you just notice the Butterfly Effect theory in that example!! The mistreatment of a single employee resulted in the bankruptcy of the company years later.
This is what the Butterfly Effect theory is all about, a small unnoticeable change can result in a very big one later on.

How to Make Use of the Butterfly Effect theory

I bet that there are many changes that you want to make in your life but in the same time you can't do them because you believe that you don't have enough resources.

Here is where the butterfly effect theory can come into play, by focusing on doing very small tasks each day you will be able to experience very big changes as time passes.

Want to see how the butterfly effect theory can improve your life? Here are a few examples that can show you how to take advantage of the butterfly effect:

  • Waking up thirty minutes earlier: If you woke up just 30 minutes earlier each day you will be able to do some new things such as exercising. After few weeks you will become more fit, your self image will improve and consequently your self confidence will. The improvement in your self confidence will positively affect your career, health and relationships!! That was another example of the butterfly effect theory. A very small change has produced very big results.
  • Tiny changes that can boost your social relations: Remembering peoples' names and birthdays, smiling when you meet them and caring for them when no one else does are examples of very tiny changes you can do. Such small changes can dramatically affect your social life. (See how to make people love you for more information on this topic.)
  • Getting rid of a false belief: Spending 10 minutes reading an article that can help you get over false beliefs can result in improving your self confidence and increasing your chance of success. Again that's how the butterfly effect theory can help you improve your life
  • Becoming emotionally stronger: Spending 30 minutes Reading articles talking about the psychology of falling in love can help you recover from breakups in few days.

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