Conversation tips for first date

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

conversation tips for first date

The first impression people form of you takes seconds and the things you say during first meetings play a very vital role in letting people know who you are.

There are many great people who get misunderstood by others during first meetings because they misuse the first few minutes of the meeting and that's why its extreemly important to know how to present yourself during a conversation even if you only had 2 or 3 minutes.

On first dates many people mess things up because of not knowing the right things to say. In this article i will give you some conversation tips that will help you leave a good first impression during first dates.

5 Conversation tips for first dates

Here are some very effective conversation tips for first dates:

  • 1) Starting the conversation: Many people find it really hard to start conversations during first dates because they aren't aware of the fact that the best topic they should begin with is a one that interests their date. So how can you know what topic can be interesting to the person you just met few seconds ago? Simply you can start your conversation by talking about your current environment! If you are sitting in restaurant then you can start talking about the place, if you met inside a gym then you can talk about the gym and so on. By doing so you will be sure that the other person will be interested in what you are going to say (see also How to start a conversation with a stranger)
  • 2) Move on to personal opinions: The best way to run the conversation during a first date is to move on from talking about the environment to discussing the personal opinion of the person you are with. For example "I love the food here especially their burger, what was your experience with the food here?"
  • 3) Don't talk about yourself directly: Human beings are complex. They love those who appear superior but they hate those who say it directly! if you started talking about yourself or how successful you are in a first date then you might appear cocky. On the other hand if you allowed the person to ask you questions by asking him first for example then you will make it appear as if you were answering him and not talking about yourself
  • 4) Communicate superiority with your body language: You can communicate superiority or confidence using your body language without talking about yourself at all during a first date. The person you are with will unconsciously notice these signals and will believe that you are too good even if you said nothing. Note that If you weren't so friendly while doing this you will appear to be arrogant and intimidating. For more information check out the body language guide)
  • 5) People want acceptance: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that People who aren't sure of themselves avoid being friendly because they assume that others will think that they are desperate while in fact all people want approval and everyone wants to find someone smiling in his face. If you approached people without being friendly then they wont feel comfortable and they will judge you negatively! Be friendly and you will not only appear nice but you will appear to be confident as well

Final tips for first dates

People feel good around those who feel good about themselves. If you became anxious or worried then this feeling will be communicated to the person you are with and as a result this will affect the first impression formed of you during the first date. (see First impression psychology)

People also judge others based on the feelings they experienced while being with them. If you made someone feel good during a first date then that will improve the first impression formed of you. Many people make the mistake of focusing on themselves only without focusing on the emotions of the other person and that's why their first dates don't go well.

If you are feeling good during a first date then this doesn't mean that the other person is happy. Once you learn how to focus on others more than you focus on yourself you will be able to run great conversations.

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