First impression psychology experiments

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

First impression psychology experiments

Most people are concerned about the first impression they leave especially those who are not sure of their looks or those who have self image problems.

The main reason those people worry about their appearance to that extent is that they know very little about first impression psychology.

Many experiments have been carried out and have shown that your looks is only one of the elements that assist in forming the first impression people form of you.

No, no i am not talking about the correction people make to the first impression they formed of you after they know you well but i am talking about other elements that assist people in forming their first impression of you in the first few seconds of your meeting. (see Recovering from a bad first impression)

In this article i will tell you about such first impression pyschology experiments so that you stop being obsessed with your looks and so that you fix the incorrect ideas you have about the way people judge you during first meetings.

The truth about first impression psychology

First of all make sure you read about self image problems so that come to see yourself the way other people see you instead of seeing an image in your mind that is way far from your real looks.

An experiment has found that when a person unintentionally sits at the head of the table people unconsciously assume that he is more in control, more charismatic and more extroverted.

So what can such an experiment tell you about first impression psychology? Just read further!

In another experiment people were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of others. It was found that when the room's temperature was hot and when the people who were going to make the evaluation were not comfortable they tended to evaluate people in a less favorable way than when the room's temperature was fine.

Did you reach any conclusions yet? The first impression you leave depends on the whole context of the situation and not just your looks!

Another experiment about first impression has shown that people who were taking open gestures during the evaluation of their attractiveness were rated more attractive by the evaluators! (see the body language guide for more information on open gestures)

A fourth experiment has found that people tend to respond more to help requests from those who are well dressed.

So what does all these first impression psychology experiments tell us?

Those experiments show that the first impression people form of you depends greatly on the setup of the situation, the way you are dressed, the way you behave, your body language, your posture, the people who accompany you, their own mood, the location they encountered you in and many other factors.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I said that women tend to find men more attractive when they see other beautiful women accompanying them! So the first impression people form of you can even be changed when other people are walking beside you.

If you saw a person wearing certain clothes and then saw him another day wearing different clothes you mind find him more attractive! Another experiment has shown that women find the same man more attractive when he wears red!

I also said in another article about first impression that people tend to perceive others differently based on their own psychological makeup.

For example if a person is in need of approval then he might see more attractive if you were smiling or if you were taking open gestures than if you were doing otherwise.

A person who has low self esteem on the other hand might be annoyed if he felt that you are acting too confident and might even devalue you as a result(see first impression psychology

So what's the final conclusion?

Forget about your nose if you don't like it because there are hundreds of parameters that affect the formation of the first impression people form of you other than your looks!

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