How to leave a good first impression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to leave a good first impression

How to leave a good first impression?
This question troubles most people because they dont have enough information about first impression psychology.

The mistake most people make when trying to leave a good first impression is assuming that they should act the same way with everybody while that's completely wrong.

What appeals to a person might not appeal to another. If you became so friendly then you will certainly appeal to some people but for others they might get the impression that you are needy!

So the question is how to leave a good first impression while knowing that people are different.

Leaving a good first impression

Here are some tips that will help you leave a good first impression:

  • 1) Forget about your looks: Looks do matter to a great extent but almost all studies have found that the way we perceive looks depends on the context of the situation. Your clothes, your body language, the people who accompany you, the way you talk, what you say, your ride, the way the person who evaluates you feel, the place you are seen at and even the room temperature can affect the way people see you. There are hundreds of factors that affect the first impression people form of you so don't ever say that people will think bad of you because of your nose shape or a scar that is present somewhere in your face (see First impression psychology)
  • 2) How do you make people feel?: Each and every action that any person does is there to help him reach certain goals. Some people want approval, others want to feel superior while a third group might want to feel important. The key to leaving a good first impression is to understand the person's needs correctly because if you managed to help him reach his goals he will certainly form a good first impression of you. It was found that people rate you according to how you made them feel about themselves
  • 3) See reality not a distorted version: Most people see a reflection of their fears in the world instead of seeing reality. If you think that people dislike you then instead of noticing that a person you just met needs approval you will assume that he is arrogant. As a result instead of being friendly and smiling you will be distant and you will make him feel uncomfortable. In such a case the person who felt uncomfortable will certainly form a bad first impression of you!
  • 4) People form first impressions based on their own perception : Some people have serious psychological issues. For example most people will admire you if you appeared confident but for some people who have insecurities appearing too confident might threaten them and even make them form a negative first impression of you. The way people see you is always affected by how those people see themselves! An arrogant person, who is arrogant because he is insecure, might form a bad impression of you if you were very friendly. In such a case he will devalue you without noticing that the problem is with his insecurities and not with you

First impressions and self confidence

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that an incorrect understanding of psychology and of people in general can result in a low self esteem.

A shy person who is actually not feeling comfortable around you might appear to you as if he is an arrogant person who don't like you!

Before you can leave a good first impression you first need to understand the truth about the people you are dealing with.

You must also understand that the way you see others is a reflection of the way you see yourself. If you lack self esteem then you will believe that others think negatively of you, you will be afraid to show them the real you and as a result you will fulfill the false prophecy!

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