Dating advice for women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why many women fall prey to players

Each few days i get a call or an email from a woman who is confused because the man she was dating suddenly started to act as if he doesn't care.

The story is always the same but the names are different. The same exact scenario repeats itself over and over and women keep falling in the same traps.

Women want love and that's why they get attracted to men who promise that they will give it but when they find nothing later on they start to wonder whether their men really loved them or not.

The main problem that forces women to fall into these traps is that they lack the proper understanding of men. (see also Why do good women fall for bad men)

How men think

In order not to fall in such traps you need to get to know more about the way men think. Men want to have sex and in most cases their interest in a woman can be no more than physical attraction. Whether you like it or not this is how men were created to be like.

Yes men do have emotions and yet they can love but the way they fall in love is totally different than the way you women fall in love. (see also How men think)

Men divide all the women they know into two major categories: the ones they are sexually attracted to and can be potential wives and the ones they are sexually attracted to but can be no more than sexual partners. (see also Why are some people players)

If for example a man wanted to get married to a woman from a higher social class then he will still flirt with other women from lower social classes, show interest and even fool them into believing that he likes them but in the end he will never marry any of them simply because his attraction to them was only sexual. (see also Why some men lose interest after having sex)

this is the part that confuses most women, if he shows interest, if he flirts and if he calls often then how come he doesn't love me?

No he does not, he is only sexually attracted to you. Here is a question that i get often: if we never had sex then why is he still calling? Simply because his sexual hormones makes him feel good as long as he is around you even if are not having sex. And here is another reason: because he still has hope that he can have sex with you one day.

Dating advice for women

So how to know whether a man is really into you or whether he just wants to play around?
Simply don't allow any physical contact to happen under all circumstances and avoid calling him as well.

If that man considers you one of his play mates then he will give it few more tries before he leaves for good. If he is really into you then he will try to take any serious step. (see also How to know if someone likes you by their eyes)

Many of the women who ask me for advice never want to apply the previous lines because their greatest fear is discovering that their dates didn't really love them.

In other words many women prefer to live in lies than to discover that they were not loved.

Men are direct and to the point, you don't need more than few minutes to understand how they think but unless you are willing to find the truth then they will always remain a big riddle to you.

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