Does self help work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Does self help work

Lots of people who never tried to read about self help or who read through the wrong resources believe that self help is nothing more than few simple advice such as be a positive thinker or repeat affirmations.

Usually the question Does self help really work tells me one of two things about a person, either that he has never read about self help or either that he read about inferior advice written by people who really know nothing about the field.

So what self help really is?

If this is not the first article you read from this website you must have noticed that there is no article that doesn't contain practical advice.

Self help is not about being positive, thinking positively or day dreaming but its about telling people how to stop doing the wrong things they are doing and start doing the right things.

When i tell people to get exposed to the sunlight each morning to ease depression that's self help
When i tell a person to learn about martial arts to defend himself from bullies that's self help
When i tell people how to respond back to criticism, win debates and be assertive that's self help
If you want to lose weight and i asked you to change your life style that's self help
and if you failed 4 times and i asked you to try a fifth time then that's self help

So in short, self help is nothing more than a way to help people get over emotional pain and move on until they reach their goals and according to that definition, every human being on this earth needs self help.

Why you need self help

Because you have been depressed before
Because your life is stressful
Because you need to manage your anger
Because you still have goals to reach

Self help, can help you do all that provided that you are listening to the right person.

So why do some people have doubts about self help

Sadly there are lots of amateurs who give bad reputation to the whole industry by starting blogs when they know very little about the topic then they start spreading inferior advice such as repeat affirmations or be a positive thinker.

I am not trying to say that those advice are worthless but certainly self help is much more complicated than that.

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