Emotional attachment to things

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Emotional attachment to things

Why do we sometimes become strongly attached to certain things?
Why would someone become depressed if he didn't get straight As?
Why would a man spend most of his hard earned money to buy a certain car?

Each one of us has experienced a strong attachment towards one or more similar objects in our lives but the fact you might not be aware of is that this attachment has nothing to do with loving the object itself but rather with wanting to satisfy a certain emotional need!!

Why do we become emotionally attached to things?

If a man loves fast cars then why don't he go for a cheap alternative instead of buying the expensive BMW? Why would someone buy a lactose shirt that has no advantage over a cheaper shirt other than carrying the brand name?

People become attached to certain objects to satisfy certain emotional needs and the threat of loss of the object triggers anxiety because it threatens the loss of the status the person has earned.

A teen who wants to join a reputable collage might want to get straight As but he would never feel bad if he lost a mark or two unless this loss triggers his fears and insecurities.

This teen might be gaining his self confidence through his grades and so losing marks in this case is the same as losing his self confidence. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how some people depend on external objects to feel worthy such as a big house, an expensive car or even a branded shirt!!

The loss of the object in this case is the same as the loss of their self worth and that's why they become extremely attached to these objects.

How to overcome your attachment to things

In order to overcome your attachment to things you first need to answer the question, what emotional need am i trying to satisfy through this attachment?

The next step is to work on finding a different way that satisfies that need other than being attached to that object.

For example,If the main reason you are attached to old objects is that they remind you of your good old memories then this might mean that your present has no good moments and that's why you are attached to the past!!

if you managed to fix your present you wont find yourself in need of being attached to an object that reminds you of the past!!

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