4 Face reading examples

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading?

Face reading is the art of knowing someone's personality traits by just examining his facial features. When i first heard about face reading i was a bit skeptic but after conducting hundreds of tests i came to the conclusion that face reading can be 70-80% accurate if you learned how to do it correctly.

Do you now what's meant by 70-80% accuracy? It means that you can tell 7-8 correct personality traits out of 10 by just staring into someone's face for few seconds.

The accuracy can go higher once you learn some of the advanced techniques that can allow you to eliminate the common mistakes people make.

Face Reading examples

In face reading Angled brows mean that the person always strives for authority at all costs. Presidents, ministers and rulers usually have that kind of brow not because its a coincidence but because those people really wanted to be at those positions.

That Man is the one of the most famous presidents of Egypt. He ruled Egypt for 30 years even though the maximum ruling time the constitutions allowed was 8 years. Further more, he didn't just quit after 30 years but he was forced to step out because the people revolted against him. Is he a bad guy? Well you can blame his brows!

So what can face reading tell us about Jason Statham?
His small lips show that ain't the kind of man who talks a lot. His wide forehead shows that he is very intelligent and his protruding cheekbones show that he possesses a lot of courage.

The first thing we can conclude from 50 cent's Face is that the guy is talkative. The size of the lips clearly reflects the guy's habit of expressing himself using words. His big nose shows that he is the type of person who always wants to have a great contribution. People who have big noses don't like to do insignificance tasks. They are more of the "i want to change the world" type of guys.

Jobs close set eyes reflect his deep love of detail. No wonder so many people said that its really hard to work under his supervision. His round forehead reflects creativity and the ability to generate new ideas easily.

His straight brows show that he is a logical thinker who doesn't give much weight to emotions when taking important decisions.

Want to learn face reading?

Face reading is not simple but it can boost your communication skills as soon as you master it. Not only you will be able to know people's personalities from the first meeting but you will also be able to know what kind of communication strategy you should use with each person.

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