How to manipulate people's mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to manipulate people's mind

Can someone manipulate people's minds?
While this might sound like an evil question you will get surprised to know that certain forms of mind manipulation happen on almost daily basis.

When you try convince someone to believe in something you are actually manipulating his mind, when you try to impress someone you are actually manipulating his mind and when you try to get a job you will actually be manipulating the mind of the interviewer.

So after all mind manipulation can be a good thing as long as you don't use it in a non ethical way. In this article i will tell you how you can manipulate people's mind's.

Understanding people's minds

Simple suggestions can manipulate minds and can even turn into solid beliefs that reside inside those minds. The only thing that can prevent a suggestion from turning into a belief is the presence of an opposing belief, however, if no contradicting beliefs were found then suggestions can easily manipulate people's minds. (see How beliefs are formed)

Here is a simple example, if you acted in a way that made you appear like an important person many people will actually start to believe that you are important and worthy!
That's why acting confident is one of the best ways to manipulate people's minds. (see also How self confidence makes you appear more attractive)

Studies found that placebos can sometimes have the same effect as real medications, this stands true for depression medications!

Again suggestions in such case, which came from an authority figure, manipulated people's minds and changed their way of thinking.

Many people tell me that they want others to respect them and believe that they are worthy but only a few of them realize the fact that whatever they suggest to people can alter their beliefs.

Walk like an important person, talk like an important person, deal with people while putting the same concept in mind and shortly you will realize that people think the same of you!

Tools for mind manipulation

So what are the tools that you can use to manipulate people's minds?

  • 1) Direct suggestions Talking to people directly can manipulate their minds to a great extent. However some people can filter your words because of believing that you have a hidden internal agenda. For example a person might think that you want to show people that you are the best just to impress them. (see also How to use affirmations effectively)
  • 2) Actions: Actions are much more effective than words in mind manipulation. The best way to impress people is to not talk about yourself but to rather show them that you can do impressive things. Even a very simple action such as talking with confidence can help you manipulate people's minds (see also subconscious mind programming)
  • 3) Using others: One of the best ways to send suggestions to people's minds is to use common friends. If someone repeated your same suggestion, preferably in your absence, then it will be more likely to stick in the mind of the person who heard it. For example, if you managed to let a common friend talk about how great you are in your absence then this suggestion will be very likely to become a solid belief in the mind of the person who heard it (see also How limiting beliefs are created)

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