Feeling jealous when a friend gets engaged

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Jealousy of people you don't care about

Days ago i got this message from one of the readers:

"Hi Farouk, I don't know why i get so jealous when i know that a girl i know likes someone even though i don't like her. Why do we get jealous when our friends date others even if we are not into them?"

For the first instance this message might seem strange. After all its so normal that someone feels jealous when the person he likes flirts with someone else but what about the jealousy you experience even when you don't like that person?

In my previous article jealousy and competition i explained how jealousy happens when there is a perceived competition. When you think that someone is about to take your place you will certainly feel jealous. But what about feeling jealous even if you weren't replaced?

What's going on here?

Feeling jealous when a friend gets engaged

The type of jealousy experienced here is more related to self doubts and self esteem issues than a perceived competition.

As soon as you discover that a friend got engaged few question will quickly jump in your mind if you weren't sure enough of yourself, here are few examples:

1- Why did he choose her over me ? (even if i don't like him)
2- Can i really get someone like that?
3- Now he is going to get all the attention
4- why am i still single? is there something wrong with me?
5- What will people think of me if everybody got engaged and i remained like that

Each person who have a self esteem problem will have his own set of questions depending on the type of problem he has. This means that five different people could get jealous as a result of that same event but for five different reasons.

What can you do about that?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that intense jealousy is one of the signs that can help you find out the areas in your life where you not that confident.

If you are driving a Ferrari you will never feel jealous of someone driving a BMW. Even if you aren't driving one but can afford it you will still not feel jealous. Now self confidence works the same way, if you believe you can get what your friend got then most probably you won't feel jealous when you see him getting it.

Find out the area of your self esteem that needs to be improved then work on. As you make progress these events will cause you less jealousy.

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