How to identify jealous people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Jealousy is extreemly dangerous

I am sure you heard of one of those horrible college shooting accidents were one sequent suddenly brought out a pistol and started shooting everyone randomly.

People who investigated these events found out something very surprising. The shooting was not by any means random and what's more surprising is that many shooters ignored those used to bully them and aimed for those there were jealous of! (see What makes a child a bully

In other words jealousy can kill. While college shooting is a rare phenomenon (thanks God) still you should be very cautious when dealing with jealous friends because they will do their best to see you unhappy provided that their values don't stop them.

In other words jealous people will harm you as much as their values allow them!

How to identify jealous people

so is there a way to find out jealous people?
Fortunately there is a way, here is how:

  • 1) Criticism accompanied with negative energy: Your best friend can criticize you because he is concerned about you but in some cases this criticism comes accompanied with negative energy in such a way that shows the presence of jealousy. A real friend will usually criticize you in private while a jealous person will do it in public. I am sure you had that friend who once criticized you on your facebook wall in front of everybody! Most probably that person is jealous of you so take care (see also Why do some people criticize others and put them down)
  • 2) Bad mouthing you: Gossiping is one of the most powerful signs of jealousy. The person who is jealous of you will always want to put you down in front of others. For many reasons he might not be able to do this in front of you and as a result he might do it in your absence (see Why do people gossip)
  • 3) Putting you down:3) There is a difference between criticizing someone and putting him down. A jealous person will always try to devalue you in order to feel good about himself and as a result you will find him putting you down all the time (see How to deal with negativity and negative people)
  • 4) Won't congratulate you:4) This is also one of the most powerful signs that shows that someone is jealous. A jealous person will find it very hard to congratulate you on your success. He will even become unhappy when he finds you happy or successful. Do you want to find out who your true friends are? announce good news in front of the person whom you want to test and see his reaction.

Avoid being too brilliant

Yes you read it right. If you are too brilliant in one life area then you will attract jealous people. If you have been reading 2knowmyself for a while then you might already know that i became a dot com millionaire in 2010. (see my book How i did it)

The same day i completed the first million i announced it on Facebook only to discover later that i made the largest number of enemies i ever had on a single day.

After that i learned the lesson. Appear too brilliant in front of the wrong person and you are done for.

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