How to use jealousy to your advantage

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Using emotions to motivate humans

Do you know how human beings become motivated?
They experience certain emotions, whether they are positive or negative, that tempts them to take certain actions.

People don't take actions whenever they experience a certain emotion but they take actions when the psychological pressure caused by that emotion exceeds a certain threshold.

A cat will most likely run from you if you chased it but if you both reached a dead end then this same cat might stand on its toes (to appear taller) and takes the decision to attack you! This cat didn't take that decision before its fear exceeded a certain threshold.

So what does all this has to do with jealousy?
Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions human beings experience. You can take advantage of this fact by using jealousy to motivate people to take actions!

Read this post to know how you can use jealousy to your side.

How to use jealousy to your advantage

So how can you use jealousy to motivate people?

Here are few major examples:

  • 1) Attracting someone who is not interested: If a person is not interested in you and for some reason he knew that you liked him then you can use the emotion of jealousy to motivate him to pursue you. All people hate to lose what they already have, now when someone finds that a person who used to like him started liking someone else he might start going after him to get him back. If that happened then making that person love you would be a piece of cake, see also Attracting someone who is not interested)
  • 2) Making someone love you again: If love started to fade in your relationship or if the person who used to like you started to lose interest then jealousy would have a magical effect. In such a case the feelings of jealousy will charge that person with emotions towards you once again and as a result he will love you more (see also Attracting someone to you)
  • 3) Attracting someone to you: The emotion of jealousy alone wont help you attract a person to you but if you managed to make a person think about you a little bit then you can use jealousy to intensify his emotions and make him fall for you. In my article the secret to attracting love i explained how mild attraction can turn into deep love if you managed to use the right tools to intensify your target's emotions (see also Different strategies for attracting people to you)

How to make someone jealous

Most people do this part incorrectly. They just start showing interest in someone else in a very obvious way that makes their target conclude that they are doing this on intention.

Instead of sending someone a piece of information directly give him indirect clues that he can put together to figure out the information you want to send.

Don't try to prove that you like someone else because this act will help smart people figure out your plans but instead use the intelligence of smart people against them by giving them the clues that can let them reach the conclusions you want them to reach.

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