How facial expressions can help you understand people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How facial expressions change?

In my articles about body language i explained how you can know lots of things about a person by just monitoring his body language.

And even though reading body language is an amazing skill that can give you lots of information about a person with high accuracy it still has its flaws. For example a trained expert might fake his body language or an ordinary person could suppress his gestures if he became consciously aware of them.

The great news i have for you is that there is another trace humans leave behind that can hardly be manipulated which is the changes in their facial expressions.

Its extremely hard for a person to fake a facial expression during a conversation especially if he wanted to make a certain expression on hearing a certain word or question.

Facial expressions can't just help you understand people but they can give you a superior edge in communication since they can show you what's really going on inside a person's mind.

How facial expressions can help you understand people

The accuracy of reading facial expressions doesn't come at a cheap price for its not easy to learn how to spot them.

In the Super powers course i said that the first thing you need to do to learn how to read people is to monitor the changes in their facial expressions. You don't have to understand what those changes mean but you just need to learn how to detect the subtle and instant changes that happen in people's facial expressions.

I am not talking about clear cases of sadness or extreme happiness nor am talking about emotions that last for minutes but am rather referring to emotions that people experience for seconds then control them right away so that they don't show on their faces any more. (see also Why emotions change so fast)

Those emotions usually appear on the face in the form of a sudden change in the facial expression which fades away after a second or two.

Step two connecting the change in facial expressions with the conversation

After you take your time learning how to spot the instant changes in facial expressions its time to go to step two which is connecting those changes to the conversation. Those questions will help you understand phase two well:

When did the facial expression change?
What was said right before the change happened?
For how long did the change last?
What kind of emotion the person could have experienced?

When you answer those questions you will be able to find the reason for the changes that happened and so understand how the person felt about what you said.

Note that learning such a skill is not easy and it will certainly take time but in the end you will have a superior edge when communicating with people.

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