How to have the perfect body

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to have a perfect body

I get many emails from people who want to improve the shape of their bodies and to look better. One of the biggest mistakes those people do is that they follow the advice of their friends without putting in mind that each person has a different body type.

Some people have a low metabolic rate and as a result they put on weight much faster. Common sense implies that those people follow a routine that is different than the routine those with a high metabolic rate follow.

In other words, what worked for your friends might not work for you if you have a different body type and that's why you should always begin by finding out your body type.

There are three major body types, those who have a fast metabolic rate, those who have a slow metabolic rate and those who have a balanced metabolic rate. (see The Ectomorph,mesomorph and the endomorph)

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If you have a fast metabolic rate (Ectomorph)

You need to hit the gym whether you are a male or a female and to train with relatively heavy weights. For men this will result in the development of muscles while for women this will result in toning of the body.

You should rest as much as you can since your body can lose mass easily. Go to the gym 3 times a week only and don't spend more than 45 minutes in each session.(see The ectomorph and the gym)

You don't need cardio since your body accumulates no fats. If you found that you have some belly fat you can start doing cardio only once a week and no more.
For you less is more. Eat a balanced died and make sure you eat 4-5 meals a day since your body constantly needs food supply. (see Healthy food and weight loss)

If you have a slow metabolic rate (Endomorph)

Your body accumulates fat so fast and that's why you need to put much more effort in cardio than a typical ectomorph. Do Cardio 4 days a week and hit the gym the other 3 days. You can take one day rest if you want but don't rest for more than a day.

Watch your food intake and avoid saturated fats, extra Carbs and calories. You don't need to follow a diet but you just need to reduce the amount of foods that can build fat.(see also How to lose weight fast)

Throughout your life you must stick to a healthy and a balanced diet else you will be at risk of developing obesity.

If you have a balanced metabolic rate (Mesomorph)

If your body falls in this category then you are lucky. You can have a perfect body by just exercising 3 times a week, doing cardio once or twice a week depening on your needs.

Mesomorphs are the lucky fellows who develop muscles real fast and who can still lose fats without facing the big difficulties Endomorphs Face.

Final words

Having a perfect body is all about understanding your body's specific needs then following certain excercising and eating habits that suit your body type.

What works for others won't work for you unless you have the same body type. Put this in mind and you will find that your strategies became much more effective.

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