How to make progress in your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why can't i make any progress in life?

Few month ago i was watching a program on discovery channel about survival in tough environments. The program demonstrated how three people tried to survive when they got lost in certain tough areas in the world.

The stories were real and the actors in the program were just repeating what has already happened in real life. The first person was lost in the desert, the second was lost in the jungle while the third one lost his way in snowy mountain.

Unfortunately, two of the people died and only one managed to make it back. The one who survived was the one who kept walking and walking even though he was lost in the desert.

The other other two decided to wait for help but it never came and so they died there.

What does this have to do with success in life

You might be wondering what does this story has to do with success in life? In fact there is a powerful connection between the two. When it comes to success help never arrives and the one who stops moving dies as well.

But how do people stop moving when it comes to achieving their goals?
Here are some of the common things people do:

  • 1) Waiting for the opportunity: Many people stop pursuing their goals claiming that they are waiting for the opportunity while in fact opportunities are usually found when you actually seek them and not when you wait for them. In a previous article i explained how actively searching for opportunities can help you find them
  • 2) Get stuck in deadly traps: Lets say you want to be rich but you currently work 12 hours per day at a physically draining job. In such a case you won't find any time to think about your future plans and you will realize years later that you didn't make any progress in life. Beware of similar traps that keep you stuck somewhere and prevent you from pursuing your dreams (see also Why does success take so long)
  • 3) I will do it after i complete this: One of the most subtle ways to stop perusing your goals is the "Ill do it after a complete this trap". Replace "this" with college, masters, school, training, work, marriage or whatever you want to put here. Because the people who say this actually believe that they are doing something useful they put their goals aside only to realize years later that they haven't pursued them yet (see also The connection between procrastination and self deception)
  • 4)Fear to admit that you took a wrong path: Many people waste years in a wrong path knowing that its the one they shouldn't have taken just because they are afraid to admit that they wasted a year or two in a wrong direction. Some of my friends who never wanted to become engineers actually worked as engineers because they didn't want to admit that studying engineering was a mistake. Those people waste their whole lives doing things that they didn't want to do just because they don't want to admit that they wasted few years. After studying industrial engineering for 5 years and completing college i discovered that my passion was for computer science and not industrial engineering. I started learning about computers on my own and within years i made my first million through the internet. (See my book How i did it)

When you don't move you die

Life wasn't designed for those who stand still or those who deceive themselves just because they don't want to admit certain facts.

All the success stories of successful people have one thing in common. Those people never waited for help but they did the best they can given the resources they had.

They kept moving all the time and they never waited for the opportunity to arrive. They just ran towards the opportunities and that's why they found them.

If you don't move, you will die. That's the take away.

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