how to survive in a rough world with a sensitive nervous system

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sensitive nervous system?

People who have the Ectomorph body type (small limbs, slim body, almost no fats, low bone density) have a very sensitive nervous system.

In the demanding world we live in Ectomorphs can have a rough time if they didn't know how to deal with life pressures. First of all you should know that having a sensitive nervous system doesn't mean that you are an emotionally sensitive person but it just means that your nervous system is very sensitive to external stimuli.

Provided that all other factors are constant a person with a sensitive nervous system can get more motivated when he listens to motivational music than an ordinary person.

Because the nervous system of an Ectomorph is more receptive than that of an ordinary person he gets affected by external stimuli much more than other people.

However this kind of sensitivity is a two edged weapon, while an ectomorph can absorb positive messages sent to his nervous system faster than others he also absorbs negative messages with the same speed as well.

How to survive in a rough world with a sensitive nervous system

In order to avoid the disadvantages of your sensitive nervous system you need to avoid making some mistakes that many Ectomorphs do.

  • 1) Excess stress: As an Ectomorph you should avoid excess stress at all costs. A small amount of stress is OK but when you find that things are going out of your hands you must take a break. Because your nervous system is too sensitive 10 minutes of excess stress might ruin the rest of your day so be careful not to overload your system
  • 2) Don't do something that you hate often: Ectomorphs are much more receptive to external stimuli than others. If an ectomorph hates his job then after few weeks his life will turn into hell because of the unbearable emotions he will experience. sometimes its hard not to do the things that you hate in life but at least make sure you don't do those things often
  • 3) Don't overload your system: Do you like loud music? Then don't keep listening to it for hours. Your nervous system is so powerful that it absorbs more data from the world than others and as a result it can easily get overloaded if too much data was presented to it.
  • 4) Sleep extremely well: The last thing you would want to do if you are an ectomorph is to have a poor quality sleep. The nervous system gets really irritated when the body needs more sleep and as a result your whole day might be ruined if you didn't sleep well.

Emotional sensitivity vs a sensitive nervous system

Not all ectomorphs are emotionally sensitive. If an Ectomorph didn't know how to correctly process the words he hears or if he gave them an incorrect meaning then certainly he will become an emotionally sensitive person.

In other words emotional sensitivity isn't just the product of a sensitive nervous system but it has a lot to do with the meaning a person gives to the words.

In other words a normal person with a non sensitive nervous system will still get hurt if he interpreted the words of others incorrectly or gave them a negative meaning.

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