you are what you say

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How negative words affect your brain

In my previous article negative word is repeated over and over the mind starts to believe in it and eventually it becomes a solid belief. But do you know that even if the negative words were coming from you they will still affect your mind the same way?

Ever tried to motivate a friend then ended up feeling motivated?

Its because your subconscious mind receives the words you say as if they are coming from a stranger.

So many people lack confidence because they put themselves down and not because others put them down. Repeating phrases such as "they don't love me" or "I am no good" will certainly convince your mind that you are no good.

You shouldn't just watch for the negative words you get exposed to but you should also watch your own thoughts for they can reprogram your mind as well.

How thoughts work

Your mind has a very rich network of information and thoughts. When you say a certain word your mind automatically recalls all similar words and all the similar situations related to that word. (see also How Negative words turn into negative beliefs)

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when you curse or swear your mind will grab from its memory all related words and all the situations where you used similar words. Now when your mind recalls such data its presented again to the subconscious mind as if its coming from an external source.

Now as you keep repeating negative words your mind will keep getting exposed to negative data and shortly it will develop negative beliefs.

Those negative beliefs will later send you more negative thoughts thus creating an endless cycle of negativity that can destroy your mood and life.

You are what you say

Just as you have seen you become what you say repeatedly. So what's the solution to this problem?

There are two things you can do to fight this negativity in your mind. The first is to get exposed to positive messages as much as you can and the second is to repeat some positive messages often.

Those two channels of positivity will counter the effect of the negativity you get exposed to and you will have a healthy belief system.

Now the important question is, how can you do those two things everyday?
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