How to walk with confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to really do this?

Since i started reading about personal development 13 years ago i come across people who give advice about walking with confidence. While all of those people made it clear why walking with confidence can help you improve your life most of them didn't describe exactly what does walking with confidence mean?

The advice was correct but it was also vague and incomplete. And because i know you are eager to know the answer the way i was eager to know it earlier i decided to write this article to tell how you to exactly walk with confidence.

As you might have already guessed when you walk with confidence you won't just give the impression that you are confident but you will actually feel confident as well. I said earlier that just like the mind feeds the body with information the body can also feed the mind as well.

Walk with confidence for few moments and you will start to actually feel more confident. (see also Benefits of a straight back

How to walk with confidence

I know everyone told you to keep your back straight and to push your shoulders backwards but how can it actually be done?

It's all about your toes! Stand up now then put your legs side by side. Make sure your body load is equally distributed on both legs. leave some space between your legs in order to maintain a good balance.

Now raise your toes a bit so that they don't touch the ground and see how your back will look like. When you raise your toes you will be forced to stand upright and your shoulders will go to the right position on their own. (see also The body language section)

Now i need you to close your eyes for seconds and to visualize that you are some kind of a special person. A commander of a large army, a famous celebrity or even a super hero.

The reason i want you to do so is that your mind will send messages to the body ordering it to take a confident posture if it was programmed to do so. In the Ultimate guide to developing super powers i said that visualization is one forms of hypnosis. If done right you can program your mind to help you do whatever you want.

More tips on walking with confidence

After you raise your toes and visualize yourself the way described above start to walk while keeping your toes raised. It might be hard in the beginning but you will get used to it by practice.

Make sure you take wide steps and that you put your whole body load on each foot when making a new step.

Try to raise your chin up a bit while walking. When your chain gets raised a little above the horizontal line your brain will start to think that you are over confident and so it will force your whole body to move in a confident way.

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