A quick and powerful way to build self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Building self confidence quickly: The method

Get an excel sheet and write down a list of the skills you believe you need to improve. Here is an example (talking to strangers, running for 2 miles, fixing computers,keeping a conversation going...etc)

Your list should be long enough to cover most of the skills that interest you. Each skill in your list should be clear and measurable.

Next, give yourself a rating out of 1000 for each skill. For example "my ability to talk to strangers is 327 out of 1000". Make sure you give yourself a fair score for each skill else your subconscious mind will believe that you are trying to deceive it and so it might resist.

Each time you do something a bit better come back to the sheet and raise your score. Lets suppose that you managed to run 1.5 miles instead of 1 mile (your last record) then go to your score board and raise your running skill by 50 points for example.

If you messed things up you shouldn't lower your score simply because no one losses experience but we keep adding on to our experience database as we keep encountering new situations. In other words, forgive yourself for your mistakes.(see also The fear of making mistakes)

Within few days you will realize that you became much more confident and that you are actually becoming more confident everyday.

Why does this self confidence building method work?

In my previous articles about self confidence i explained how self confidence is nothing more than the beliefs you have about yourself. If you have positive beliefs about yourself then you will feel confident while if you have negative beliefs then you will feel insecure.

I also explained how your beliefs about yourself can change as soon as your subconscious mind realizes that you are actually changing. (See Building your confidence)

Now what you were doing in the previous method is that you were showing your subconscious mind solid proofs of incremental changes. And because you were honest in writing down the improvements in your skills your subconscious mind will believe you and make you feel more confident each time a skill is improved. (see also Can i learn any skill?)

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that confidence can be increased by finding out the skills that need to be improved and working on developing them. Now most people lose their way during this process because of the lack of a proper way to keep their tracks.

Now what you were doing in this method is that you were writing down your progress in such a way that it becomes impossible for you to forget about it. (see also How writing down your goals affects your mind)

Evolution and mastery

Each new experience that you go through each day gives you the chance to increase your skills a bit. Now imagine what kind of a person you would become if you took advantage of each new situation you came across?

All people without exception get hundreds of chances each week to improve their skills incrementally but very few actually take advantage of these situations. After each situation analyze what went wrong, find out what you can do better next time then apply your new plan. (see also Why do some people never learn from their mistakes)

Within a short period of time you will discover that you are not only building self confidence but that you are moving towards mastery.

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