i am fed up with being fat

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am fed up with being fat

I know how it feels like to be dissatisfied with your body shape or to even hate being yourself just because you became too fat.

I also know how it feels like when someone says a negative comment about your body shape and how you may start avoiding people for the sake of not attracting any more of these comments.

Certainly being overweight in a world where slim models are idolized can cause a lot of pain even to the confident person and that's why i am going to tell you what to do if you are fed up with being fat.

Lots of people managed to lose weight and reach their desired body shapes

I know lots of people who were really obese to the extent that we used to recognize them from a distance because of their size and who manged to lose weight and to develop perfect bodies.

I have interviewed all of those people while writing my book The ultimate guide to weight loss in order to further prove the concepts i provided in the book with real life examples.

What i discovered is that even though each of those people did something different in order to lose weight still the actions that they took can fall under one major category which is changing their life styles permanently.

How really obese people lost weight

This is what all of the people interviewed did in order to lose weight:

  • They changed their life styles completely: They started spending 10 hours at home instead of 14, they started running each and every day for thirty minutes, they stopped watching TV and reduced the time they spent in front of the pc.
  • The changes they did were permanent: The biggest mistake that all people who want to lose weight do is that they do major changes to their life styles that they can't sustain then wonder why they gained the weight they lost once again. If you want to stay fit forever then you must stick to the new life style forever
  • They understood that gradual change is the best choice for weight loss: None of the people i interviewed started dieting but instead they ate balanced food that allowed them to lose little weight each week. As the time passed they started losing more and more weight and after a while they reached their desired body shapes. I know a friend who stopped exercising because she was disappointed that she lost 1 kg only in a month, i told her if you managed to lose 1 kg each month you will be a swimsuit model within 2 years.

So in order to lose weight you need to have a long term plan that involves changing your life style in a bearable way so that you can stick to this new life style forever and lose weight gradually.

This is not the fastest way to do it but certainly its the only way that would help you lose weight and keep your new body for as long as you live.

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