I don't care about myself anymore

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I don’t care about myself anymore

Why would someone stop caring about himself or about solving his problems?
Why would someone become indifferent towards taking small actions that can make his life better?
Why would someone get involved into self destructive behavior even though he can easily avoid it?

These questions used to come to my mind often whenever I used to see someone’s life falling apart in front of his eyes without trying to take a single action. I then discovered that life is divided into different fields like social life, career, health …etc and whenever a major field collapses the person becomes indifferent towards other fields.

Each one of us gives a very high importance to certain fields and so if things went wrong in any of these fields the person might become indifferent towards other fields.
(see Why do i lack motivation?).

You don’t care because you lost hope

Ben was a very successful guy who used to have a great career. During a financial crisis he was laid off and he failed to find a new job for six months. During these six months he started to become indifferent towards his body shape and he gained a lot of weight.

His social life was affected because he didn’t care about socializing anymore. He started drinking and his health deteriorated. Its clear that Ben doesn’t care about helping himself because he has lost hope in living a happy life.

Ben’s major important field was his career but when it collapsed he found no reason to take care of the other fields.

Restore hope and your life will return back to normal

If you were in Ben's shoes then trying to quit drinking, to fix your social life and to exercise should be on the top of your list but still the loss of hope will be there and you might not be able to do any of these tasks successfully.

The right thing that must be done in this case is to do your best to restore hope to the major field and in the same time work on your sub fields. Once hope is restored you will automatically find yourself motivated to fix the rest of the your life fields.

At the core of depression and indifference lies loss of hope. The difference between an indifferent person and an extremely motivated person is that the first believes that no matter what he does things won't change while the second believes that his actions will result in good changes to his life.

This is also why you might never feel motivated about a plan that you wrote. If you believe that the plan won't work then your mind won't motivate you to pursue it.

To cut it short, bring back hope to your life and you will end all of these problems.

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