the Importance of personal development

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the importance of personal development

Do you know that your emotions have a direct impact on your behaviour and on the way you act?
Do you know that being emotionally stable will make any life activity more joyful?
Do you know that having an emotional problem could make most joyful activities tasteless?

What is meant by emotional problems here is the full list of unwanted emotions this site focuses on. Starting from lacking self confidence through being lonely up to being depressed.

Any emotion you experience directly impacts your behaviour. Your life could be totally turned around as soon as you fix an emotional problem that you have. Ignoring an emotional problem could negatively impact your relations, your career, your goals and your whole life.

How can your emotions impact your life

Just take a look at the following few examples to know to what extent do emotional problems and bad moods affect you and your life:

  • when you become depressed you lack motivation to do anything and so your career and studies may be severely impacted. You may stop studying or even stop going to work and so lose the chance of getting promoted or even lose your job
  • Lack of self confidence will let you miss lots of opportunities because you wont have the courage to take any risk. Lack of self confidence will also result in having less friends and in a poor social life. You may then stay at home for prolonged periods, feel lonely, become over or under weight or develop some kind of addiction to escape from your unwanted emotions.
  • lack of self confidence could let you fear rejection and as a result you wont take risks that lead to success.
  • do you know that you can only feel one emotion at a time?, If you are anxious you can’t be happy and if you are stressed you cant feel happy!!
  • Do you know that the ability to enjoy any activity depends on one main factor which is how you feel. If you were depressed and did the thing that you like the most you will feel less happy than if you were not depressed and did something like listening to a good song you will feel good.

leaving your emotional problems to time

Some people think that leaving their emotional problems to time will cure them, however on ignoring them you are only accumulating them and as the time passes the pile of emotional problems will get bigger until you will breakdown one day.

Using life experience to deal with emotions

Another group of people think that life experience could teach them how to get over emotional problems. While part of this statement is right still am sure you dont want to suffer for three,five or ten years until life teaches you how to get over a problem.

Why not learn from the experience of someone who have already spent that time and documented his experience?

Personal development will not only make you feel better but it will let you reach your true potential. It will let you live that happy life that you have always dreamed of and it will let you be more in charge of your emotions and more in control of your whole life.

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