How to reassure myself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to reassure myself

Do you remember the last time you decided to travel by car?
what did you do when the fuel indicator was near to the E (empty) ?

There is no doubt that you went to refuel your car as soon as you realized that it needs fuel.

So what does this has to do with reassuring yourself or becoming more confident?
Just like your car needed fuel when it sent you a certain signal your mind will be in need of reassurance when it sends you a signal such as self doubts.

If you don't reassure yourself as soon as you encounter those signals then your self confidence will go down!

Why do you take actions as soon as you get signals for trivial matters such as recharging your mobile phone and refueling your car and in the same time you ignore the signals that might result in the loss of your self confidence!!

Self reassurance and self confidence

Do you know how self confidence is lost? Self confidence is lost when you change the positive beliefs you have about yourself and when you reinforce negative beliefs.

Life is full of events that can make you doubt your self worth and if you didn't respond to these self doubts by reassuring yourself right away then your self confidence will keep going down.

Sam was walking in the street when he suddenly saw his friend Justin driving a new car. At this point Sam remembered the fact that he couldn't change his car because he is not yet very successful in his career.

Now if Sam ignored these self doubts, like 99 percent of people do, then they will grow bigger and his self confidence will go lower.

The same exactly happens to you. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that If you kept encountering events that result in self doubts without reassuring yourself then you will end up with no self confidence after some time.

This is how to reassure yourself

Now you understood that ignoring your self doubts will certainly ruin your self confidence. The question now is how to reassure yourself?

You wont be able to reassure yourself before you have a journal where you document all of the compliments you get, the achievements that you make and your points of strength.

Lets suppose someone told you that you are not interesting but it also happened that 10 people told you over the last year that you are interesting.

If you didn't document their words in a journal then you will certainly forget about them when the first person tells you the opposite but if you had these words documented then you will easily reassure yourself by just taking a look at them.

Once you do so your self doubts will go away and as a result your self confidence wont become lower. Now if you kept reassuring yourself that way your self confidence will only go up and as a result you will become a very confident person after few month.

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