Should parents spank their children

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Should parents spank their children

Should parents spank their children?
Before i answer this question you must first know few facts about individual psychology.
Each and every behavior that a child or an adult does, even the ones that appear really odd, is done to serve an important goal.

For example some people criticize others for no apparent reason without knowing that they are doing it to elevate their self esteem because they feel inferior. Now try to prevent those people from criticizing others and they will come up with a completely new behavior that has the same purpose of making them feel superior. They might become aggressive for example just to over power others.

So what does this has to do with spanking children?
In fact the behavior that you don't like about your child is actually done to serve an important purpose too and even if you managed to let your child stop doing that behavior by force sooner or later another one will replace it.
Spanking a child prevents an unwanted behavior only to allow another one to replace it.

Why parents should never spank children

This example will explain why parents should never spank children.
A child who grew up in a family that gave him no attention turned into a showy kid. Because his showing off efforts didn't pay off he started stealing things from his parents. The child was not aware that he was doing it for attention nor his parents were aware of this fact.

His parents discovered that then they started spanking and beating him. The child started to become afraid to do that and he stopped stealing but because deep inside him he wanted to grab attention he came up with another plan. He turned into a problem child who always fails at school and annoys his teachers. By doing so the child managed to get the attention he was after using a different method.

Now what spanking has resulted in is just directing the child to another method instead of the one he was using.

Parents who spank their children raise unhealthy kids

Spanking and beating your child is not right, The only right way to deal with an unwanted behavior is to understand the intention behind it then work on fixing the root cause.

If your child wants attention then it makes no sense to spank him because he tried to get it in an odd way. Its your fault in the end that you didn't give him that attention.

Spanking children only suppresses their emotions and prevents them from growing to become healthy adults.

I said earlier in one of my articles that in order for a child to develop self confidence he must be treated as if he is a grown up. When the child feels that he is respected he starts developing the belief that he is worthy.

When parents spank their children especially in front of others they start to feel that they are worthless beings and as a result lose self confidence.

If you want to raise self confident children then avoid spanking them as much as you can especially when others are around.

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