The connection between showing off and living in a small city

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The desire to show off

In many of my previous articles about showing off i explained how the way someone is raised and the beliefs he develops can make him a showy person.

As a result we can conclude that a showy person will always try to show off no matter where he is. In other words, showing off comes from within with disregard to the area a person lives in.

But just like the desire to show off comes from within there are also some external factors that could trigger a person's desire to show off. If a person likes to show off and one of the external factors that trigger showing off was present then this person will be more likely to show off.

And just as you might have already guessed living in a small city is one of the factors that increases the desire to show off.

The connection between showing off and living in a small city

Why do people show off?

They do it for various reasons but in all cases their main goal is to send a message to other people. In small cities most people know each others by looks if not in person and this makes gossip much more easier.

In other words information move faster within small cities than in big ones and this acts as an incentive for people to show off.

Few days ago i was in Lebanon (a really small country) with lots of very small cities and then i heard someone saying: "People here keep delaying their marriage because they want to make a very expensive wedding that everyone talks about"

When a person who likes to show off finds that information can move fast he becomes more motivated to show off. (because the message he wants to send to others will reach them faster)

Can living in a small city make a person showy?

Yes. Here is how it can happen:

In small city more people are likely to show off than in a big city. Now when that happens some people will start to feel insecure as a result of comparing themselves to others.

After all if everyone is showing off their great qualities then those who don't show off might feel insecure as a result of comparing themselves to others.

In my article The connection between showing off and insecurity i explained how insecurity can be one of the main forces that motivates people to show off.

As a result of this insecurity those people will try to show off more in order to feel good about themselves and so they will become showy.

In other words living in a small city can put more pressure on a person to show off.

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