Why do people show off their wealth

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people show off their wealth

While i was spending my vacation in Lebanon i saw a foreigner suddenly coming with his Ferrari to park in front of the entrance of the restaurant i was standing by. Later i knew that the man paid 1000 dollars to park his car in front of the entrance so that people see him coming out of it!

For that man 1000 dollar might not be a large amount but why would he throw it away that way just to show off his wealth?

Why do some people do their best to show that they are rich or that they are wealthy? before you can understand why people show off their wealth you need to know more about the dynamics of showing of.

Why do people show off?

People show off for various reasons but the most two common ones are:

  • Showing off to prove something: A person could show off his wealth in order to prove to people that he is rich. Sounds like a dumb statement right? In fact when you analyze this statement deeply you will find out that people who show off mistakenly assume that others look down upon them and that's why they show off to improve their position. So a person who shows off his wealth does it because he believes that others don't think that he is wealthy or even classy! (see also Why do people talk about themselves)
  • Showing off to compensate: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that many people show off to compensate for something that they believe they lack. For example a person could show off his wealth if he believes that others find him uninteresting. In such a case he is trying to fill the gap of being perceived as boring by showing that he is rich.

People show off their wealth when they aren't really wealthy

People feel like talking about the things they achieved when they dont yet feel that they have reached the top. Once they reach the top they will act in a more humble way and will be less likely to show off unless they want to achieve a certain goal.

You will hardly finding a super model talking about how beautiful she is but almost all wannabees will keep talking about how beautiful they are because they are not yet sure that that they are that beautiful or that they are recognized for their beauty.

If you suddenly landed a good job that pays really well you might feel like wanting to show of in front of your friends to show them how brilliant you are but if you became a billionaire then you will rarely feel like wanting to show off your wealth.

So we can conclude that people also show off their wealth when they feel that they aren't well recognized or when they feel that their achievement is not big enough.

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