The right timing for approaching a person

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Our perception of the world isn't fixed

When is the right time to approach a person?
Can you leave a better impression if you chose the right timing?
Do you know that a person can judge you in a different way if you approached him in a different time?

I have said earlier that the way we perceive things isn't constant but it changes according to many factors that change often. If you approached the same person in two different timings and said the same things he might judge you in two completely different ways. (see also How your beliefs affect your perception)

In order to know what's the perfect timing to approach a person you first need to understand the factors that affect his perception of others.

The right timing for approaching a person

Any tiny change in the surrounding environment can force a person to change his perception of others, here are some examples:

  • 1) Is he holding something?: In a study people found those who approached them warmer when they were holding warm objects. In other words, approaching a person who is drinking tea instead of coke might help you appear warmer in his eyes. The same goes for cold drinks, it was found that people found those who approached them to be a little colder when they were holding cold drinks. (see also How men and women perceive attractiveness)
  • 2) Is he enjoying the music?: If you approached a person while he is enjoying the background music then there is a big possibility that he might think that he is happy because you are around and not because of the music he is listening to. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how joining a person on an exciting experience can result in letting him get more attached to you. This happens because the person believes that he feels excited because you are around and not because of the exciting stimulus
  • 3) What's the room premature?: is the room premature hot or cold? Is the person feeling irritated because of the weather? It was found that people tend to become a little more afraid in cold weather. In other words a woman might become a bit suspicious if you approached her in the cold weather than if you did in hot weather. The temperature isn't what matters but its the way the temperature affects the person you want to approach that matters the most.(see The connection between fear and cold weather)
  • 4) Is he experiencing any strong emotions?: In my previous article How your emotions change your perception of the world i explained how your emotions can change the way you judge others completely. Before you approach a person it would be wise to watch him and find out if he is experiencing any strong emotions. you can use body language to know the state of emotion of a person at a given point.

Summing it all together

Any change in the external environment can alter the perception of people and let them judge you in a different way. You must be smart enough to be able to assess the impact the current settings have on a person's mood. Once you manage to do that you will be able to pick the right time to approach him.

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