Why can't i be happy with my life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why can't i be happy with my life

Ever wondered why can't you be happy with your life?
Have you spent years trying to go after a certain goal then didn't manage to feel happy after reaching it?

Why doesn't life seem to be joyful anymore?

Do you know what's the right explanation to these mysteries?
You are going in the wrong direction!!

Lots of people never become happy with their lives not because they don't do enough effort but because they go in the wrong direction.

In this article i will tell you how you can be happy with your life.

Going in the wrong direction to find happiness

Sam had lots of friends and he was happy with his social life. when he finished college he felt really bad because he didn't have a good career. Sam spent years working hard, building his career and finally ended up having a respectful salary and a great job.

But during the time he spent pursuing his career he lost connection with his friends and his social life became empty.

Sam never felt happy since he started his career journey, he never knew what was wrong but he always attributed the sadness he had to his under performance in his career while the truth was that he was sad because of lack of social support.

The truth about happiness

We become happy when we reach the goals we have for our different life areas. If your goals were to get straight Bs in school and have a good social life then getting straight As won't do anything to your happiness levels if your social life was not as you expected it to be.

Sam's mistake was putting too much effort in his career until he exceeded his career target without putting any effort in his social life.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that true happiness can only happen when you become happy with all of your life areas combined and that's why Sam never felt happy.

That's why we can find a sad billionaire even though he can buy anything he wants and a miserable poor man who doesn't have money, while the first was focusing on money instead of the other things that can make him happy the second wasn't focusing on money which is the key to his happiness.

Some people will tell you money can't buy happiness but the truth is that if the only missing element for your happiness was money then certainly it will make you happy while for other people money might not have any weight.

How to be happy with your life

1)First find out the different areas of your life that are important to you (for example, sports, religion, social life, career....etc)

2)Determine your goals for each of these areas.

3)Work on reaching your goals and don't make Sam's mistake by over achieving in one area and ignoring the others because that would certainly never lead to happiness.

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