Why do narcissists like twitter and instagram

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The narcissistic personality

The narcissist is a person who has an exaggerated sense of self importance. The narcissistic person thinks that he is better than everyone, that he should get a special treatment and that he is one of a kind.

Some narcissists think of all other people as inferior, not good enough and not up to the standards. Some other narcissists think they are really good but they don't think that others are worthless.

A narcissists always needs attention and praise in order to feed his Ego which never gets satisfied. Narcissists have dinosaur sized egos and as a result they are very likely to seek revenge, demand a special treatment and expect others to think highly of them. (see also How to spot Egostic people)

Why do narcissists like Twitter and Instagram more than Facebook

In Facebook the relationship between people is mutual. For two people to become friends on Facebook they both have to agree on that and they both have to see each others' posts.

On Instagram and twitter things are very different because you can have a one way relationship with a person. The fact that a follower gets to see your updates while you don't get to see his updates if you didn't follow him appeals to narcissists a lot.

By having the chance to spread their news without listening to others the narcissistic egos of narcissists makes them feel happy.

In addition to this another thing appeals a lot to narcissists which is the word "Follower" itself. The word follower makes the followed person think that he is worthy of being followed because he is very special. (see also How words can change your brain and life)

Now that you understood how narcissists think i bet you already figured out why the word follower appeals to them so much.

How to spot a narcissist on a social network?

Please be careful and don't judge someone based on those signs because in many cases those signs might be there for other reasons that are not related to narcissism.

here we go:

  • 1) So many Selfies: Does the person post so many Selfies? That's one sign
  • 2) Putting other people down using his posts: For example posts like "Most people are stupid" or "most people are like sheep" can be a sign that this person might be a narcissist
  • 3) Posts very often: Narcissists always post frequently on social networks in order to feed their narcissistic egos.
  • 4) Treat people with disrespect and arrogance: Narcissists think that they are better than others so they usually don't treat them well (see Also The connection between arrogance and insecurity)
  • 5)When they revenge they over kill: For a narcissist criticism is not by any means acceptable and if it exceeded a certain limit the narcissist might revenge very aggressively

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