Why do people buy brand names?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are there showy people in the world?

Why do people buy branded clothes?
Is it because they are more durable?
No this doesn't make sense because there is always a cheap durable alternative.

Why do people pay all this money for a brand then?
Its because this brand helps those people satisfy an important psychological need. People who say that there are some showy people in the world don't know many things about the psychology of a human being.

Every person in the world has two important psychological needs that motivate him to take actions. The need to show off and the need to feel important.

Some people think that others are showy just because they show off in a different way while in fact everyone is actually showing off in his own way.

The woman who posts a picture of her baby is actually showing others how cute he is.
The man who is happy with his title is actually showing off his achievements.
The girl who poses in a picture is actually showing off her beauty.

The funny thing that all of those classes of people would call a man who drives a convertible showy just because they didn't realize that each one of them shows off in his own way. (see also Motivation and individual needs)

why do people buy brands

The second powerful psychological drive is the Ego or the desire to feel important and worthy. Each person in the world, even those who lack self esteem, have a part inside them telling them that they are important and worthy.

Now because people want others as well to acknowledge this fact they look for any external tool that can help them send this message and this is where brands come to the rescue.

Why would a man drive a BMW? because its practical?
Because its economic? Because he likes the way it looks?

No, its to show people that he is rich, successful, important, worthy or that he belongs to a certain social class.

Why would a woman buy a Louis Vuitton bag that costs 2000 dollars?
Is it because she liked the way the bag looked?
Am sure there are lots of good looking bags worth 100 dollars.
Its because this woman wants to send a certain message to people similar to the message a man driving a BMW wants to send.

Identifying with a group

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people also buy brands to show others that they belong to a certain Elite group. Here in Egypt its very common to see people putting the gold's gym car badge on their cars even if they never go to the gym.

Because golds gym is almost 3 times more expensive than any other gym in Egypt people display this sign to show that they belong to that elite group of people who can afford such expensive membership fees. (see also Why do people show off their wealth)

There are two types of showy people, those who show off because of believing that they are really good and those who show off because they feel insecure. Contrary to common beliefs everyone in the world is showy, its just that everyone shows off in his own way

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