Why do people find me annoying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do people think you are annoying?

Did someone tell you that you are annoying?
Do people always complain when you are around?

A person believes that another is annoying when the latter makes more demands than the first can meet. These demands are usually indirect requests that a person makes without actually paying any attention that he is asking for something.

While you shouldn't change whenever a person tries to make you think that you are annoying still there are universally agreed upon traits that can make you appear annoying to others if you kept doing them.

In this post i will tell you about some tips that will prevent you from being annoying.

Why do people find me annoying

  • 1)Don't interrupt the person speaking: Most people will get offended if you interrupted them even if they were close friends. Now when you interrupt complete strangers they might start thinking that you are an annoying person. Don't interrupt someone unless you are sure exactly of what you are doing (see also Tips to improve your communicating skills)
  • 2) Don't keep calling: If you want to call someone, especially if he wasn't a close friend, then make sure you only call him once. Don't keep calling or don't call once every 10 minutes because most people get annoyed by those who keep insisting to force them to do something that they don't want to do now. You should leave a message or wait until that person calls you instead of calling tens of times (see also Why are some people needy)
  • 3) Don't keep repeating demands: If you asked someone for a favor don't keep repeating your demand over and over. Most people hate to help but themselves and when you keep pushing someone beyond the limits of his patience he might believe that you are an annoying person. Only ask once for a favor and few days later you can give a gentle reminder, if the person didn't do that favor for you then don't ask for the third time
  • 4) don't talk too much: Talking too much is not a good idea unless people are really willing to listen. Be smart enough to know when people are interested in your talk and when they just prefer salience. Learning body language will certainly help you understand people's emotions perfectly and so will enable you to know whether people are interested to listen or not
  • 5) Don't approach someone in the wrong time: The same person who might find you interesting at one situation could find you annoying in another situation. Its all about choosing the right time to approach a person. People's emotions change and these emotions can change their perception and force them to judge others in different ways. Choose the right time and you won't be misjudged. (see also How to find the right time to approach a person).

What makes a person annoying

I could go on giving more advice but they will all be based on the same concept. Don't keep pushing someone beyond his limits because he will always think that you are an annoying person.

People don't like needy ones. The more you appear needy, desperate and pushy the more will others think that you are annoying.

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