Why do some people have special powers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The mystery of super powers

Why do some people have super powers?
Why do some people see ghosts while others don't?
Why do aliens abduct some people and leave out the others?
Why do some people have the ability to see the future?

I am sure that at least once in your life you came across someone who claimed to have one of those special powers. We humans like to believe to in whatever we don't fully understand and that's why the special power story appeals to many of us.

But could there be any connection between the claims of a person and his psychological state?

Why do some people have special powers

First of all i am not talking about physical special powers such as titling the body in weird ways or eating glass simply because those claims can be verified in seconds but i am talking about the powers that can never be verified such as the ability to talk to ghosts or aliens.

Each person develops certain important psychological goals while growing up (For example: The desire to feel important). The achievement of those goals helps the person become psychologically balanced. Most people will usually try to achieve those goals by following the common norms, for example the man who wants to feel important will try to collect wealth or power.

Now what if someone failed to achieve these important goals through the common ways?
He will certainly try an uncommon way to achieve the same goals but there will be a little problem.

If the person tried to become rich by stealing money for example then he might actually believe that he is cheating and so never feel worthy. That's why the subconscious of that person interferes to create a lie that can help him achieve the same goal then force him to believe in it.

The subconscious mind and self deception

I have said earlier that our brains can alter our perception to make us see things that doesn't exist. For example women who fear cats might believe that a plastic bag is a cat only to discover that its not. This is a simple example that shows how our thoughts change what we see. (see also How your beliefs affect your perception)

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the mind of the person who failed to feel important might let him see strange entities such as ghosts or aliens. In such a case the mind of that person would be doing so to help him achieve the same goal he failed to achieve using society accepted ways(feeling important, special or worthy).

After all if you are the only one who can talk to ghosts while other normal people can't then you must be very special, right?

The person who lives in that lie will do his best to prove everyone who tries to show him the truth wrong. Because after all he is not just defending his special ability but he is defending his self worth and psychological balance (see also Self deception)

What a pity?

sounds too bad ha?
After all lying to yourself just to protect your self worth sounds like a really desperate act, right?

In fact you did so as well when you believed in luck, when you believed you are helpless or when you believed you are too old to succeed.

While the person who claimed to see ghosts depended on supernatural stories to assert his self worth you were smarter because you used stories that might make a little sense but that are also lies.

stop lying to yourself and move towards your real goals. Enough of self deception.

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