why do some people believe they got abducted by aliens

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Alien abduction stories

Alien abduction reports are quite common these days. A large number of people report being abducted by aliens and claim that some experiments were carried on them.

The first thing you need to know about abductees is that they are not liars or ones who make up stories to reach a certain conscious goal. so what's the matter with alien abduction?

In my article about early memories i said that a human memory can be altered very easily by the subconscious mind in order for fulfill a certain unconscious goal or to support an existing belief.

If ,for example, you believe that your sister is a mean person then your subconscious mind might alter your childhood memories by creating events that never happened that prove that she was mean to you.

In other words, you might believe that something happened to you while it never did and you won't be lying.

But the important question is, why would someone believe that he was abducted by aliens?
Why did his subconscious mind came up with such a false memory?

Simply because there was a very important goal the subconscious mind was trying to reach and it found no other way to reach it other than creating the alien abduction story.

why do some people believe they got abducted by aliens

Here are some of the reasons that explain why would the mind of any person come up with such stories:

  • 1)Blaming the aliens: Any human being wants to be the best among others. Some people strive hard to do it but find that they have certain weaknesses that others don't have. In such a case the conscious mind of those people might find it too shameful to admit such a fact and that's why the subconscious mind takes over. Many abductees blame aliens for psychological problems and other disorders. After all its a perfect soloution to the dilemma, by claiming that all the draw backs he is suffering from is a result of the abduction the abductee can feel good about himself and protect his self esteem. (see also How do people twist facts)
  • 2)Finding a meaning to life: Many abductees report that the abduction event was the most important thing that happened to them in their lives. They say that their life after the abduction is completely different than the life they lived before the abduction. Abductees claim that they now have more widsom and can see things from a different angle. Again the dilemma of finding a meaning to their lives forced the subconscious mind of those people to take such a route in order to ease their worries about finding a life purpose.
  • 3) Feeling important: "The aliens selected me from among the billions of people living on earth". Can you read the hidden meaning behind this line? it says: "I am so special that i was chosen over most other humans". We all want to feel special and important but some of us fail to achieve that important psychological goal. A fraction of those who fail to achieve that goal in a socially accepted way try to achieve it using a short cut such as claiming that they were abducted by aliens

Do you believe you were abducted?

The list goes on but the concept remains the same. A mind facing a dilemma because its unable to meet a very important psychological need finds a short cut to fulfill that need. T

his need could be the desire to be superior, the need to feel special or any other need. In all cases believing that you were abducted by aliens is a perfect way to meet that need.

If you believe you were abducted by aliens then i am sure you are now trying to question my competence in order to prove that i am wrong.

This is quite a normal feeling because after all by writing this article i am attempting to destroy the stone wall you were hiding behind for years.

Do you know what's the only trait you need in order to realize that these memories were false? The trait you need is Courage!

If you want to feel special or if you need to feel important then you must be brave enough to do it the hard way instead of allowing your mind to fool you into believing that you were abducted by aliens.

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