Why some people act weird

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why some people act weird

Why would someone do things that others will never do?
Why do some people do things that are considered weird by their community?

The first thing you need to know in order to understand those people who act weird is to understand that their weird behaviour makes perfect sense for them.

Instead of judging those people you need to know how their inner world works so that you can understand their actions.

Our personalities are shaped as a result of the interaction between our internal world and our external environment. When a weird behaviour appears in the external environment then make sure that there are strong forces that supports it in the inner world of the person who did it.

In this post i will explain to you why some people act weird.

Why is he doing that

A middle Aged man owns a good looking sports car that i wanted to buy. When i asked people how can i reach that man everyone told me to avoid him because he is extreemly aggressive.

I didn't quite get what those people meant by the word aggressive because it was out of context. I didn't believe he will try to punch me in my face if i asked him a question about his car.

Few days later i saw that man passing with his car in a crowded parking then he suddenly got out of it and started shouting at the people who work at the parking for no apparent reason.

Now for everyone who watched the man his behavior seemed really weird but if they had the chance to peek inside his mind they would have discovered that his weird behaviour fits in his unconscious plan perfectly.

Weird behaviour and the unconscious plan

This man was raised in such a way that made him become an attention seeker. (see why some people crave attention)

The man wasn't aggressive by any means but he used to choose random victims to shout at whenever he approaches a crowded place just to let people notice him. So he wasn't shouting because he loves shouting or because he was aggressive but because he wanted attention.

Whenever you make a conclusion about a person you need to find other evidences to support your conclusion before you can say that you are right. Human beings are so complex and you can't just use an if therefore statement to describe someone's behaviour.

I had to find more evidences to make sure that this person is showy and not aggressive. One day, while i was asking about cars to buy i discovered that the red car this man is driving was actually silver before he plated it red right after he bought it!

Now we have two points that can be connected with a straight line. This man is using the resources he has to achieve one important psychological goal which is to get noticed! (see Understanding people psychology)

Why is he showing off?

To know why the man is showing off or seeking attention we need to collect more information. Maybe he is feeling that he is overlooked or maybe he feels that others look down upon him and as a result he wants to elevate his worth.

Again we can't make a conclusion about a human behaviour before we collect further evidence as each human behaviour can be explained in many ways.

The only way to single out an answer is to find more than one point that can be connected to form a straight line.

People act weird because this weird behaviour helps them reach their important psychological goals.

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