Why you should never outshine your friends

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Don't outshine most people

If you have read the book "The 48 laws of power" then most probably you came across the chapter that says that you should never outshine the master. After all when you outshine someone who previously believed he is more powerful than he might turn into an enemy.

But the important question you should ask yourself is: "Is the master the only person you shouldn't outshine?"
the quick answer is no. You shouldn't outshine most of the people you know whenever you have enough control to do that.

Jealousy is one of the most powerful human emotions people experience. No matter how close a person is to you or how close he seems to be jealousy can take over him and turn him into an enemy. Now the good thing about the enemies you know is that you can avoid them or expect their next moves but what about an enemy who acts like a friend?

What about a person who acts as if he loves but from within he wants to harm you?

Why you should never outshine your friends

Few years back i was so excited about my achievements and i used to post them all online. I even wrote a Facebook status saying that i became a millionaire as soon as that happened. (see my book How i did it).

Whenever any good thing happened to me i used to write it down then few month later i started to notice a very strange trend. Some people who were close friends at some point of time were no longer on my Facebook. Yes they deleted me! And the weird thing about that is that nothing bad at all happened between me and those people. (see also Why do people delete others)

Next i came to know that some of the people i knew are bad mouthing me for no apparent reason. Then came the dangerous part where some people actually started to take actions in order to harm me or make feel bad. There was a guy whom i was helping with his studies who came one day and tried to start a fight with me for no apparent reason!

The reason all of this was happening was because of a jealousy. Most people hate to see you doing better than them and while some would keep this inside themselves others would take actions to hurt you whenever they can.

And even if those people can't harm you now they will just remain hidden enemies until they gather enough power then harm you one day.

When does jealousy happens

You might think that you didn't achieve much for people to envy you but the truth is that jealousy depends on people's perception and not on what you have. If for example you started a new business but wasn't making any money then the friend who didn't dare to take that step might envy you.

If you got a low paying job then the friend who didn't find a job might envy you.
Even if you did nothing in life but kept talking about your great future plans then your friend who don't know how to plan or the one who has no ambition will envy you and might even hate you for it.

Jealousy knows nothing about friendship, logic or family bonds. It just happens when a person who isn't sure of himself finds you going forward while he is still in his place.

Beware of the people you talk to often and choose your words wisely. The last thing you want to do is to have so many enemies that you know nothing about.

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