You become what you think

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You become what you get exposed to

Where do you think thoughts come from?
Do they originate from nowhere?
No, they come from the things you kept getting exposed to for long periods of time.

Did you notice that the things you have seen recently make up the symbols you see in your dreams? Did you notice that the last few tracks you heard keep popping in your mind randomly?

Did you notice that your thoughts might change for few days or go in a certain direction after watching a certain movie?
Ever seen a horror movie then got terrified for few days?
What's happening here?

Whatever you get exposed to moves into your short term memory then gets unleashed whenever you come across anything that triggers it.

This might not sound really dangerous because after all its a temporary situation but do you know what might happen if you kept getting exposed to the same sources for sometime?

These thoughts will move from your short term memory into your long term memory and become solid beliefs!

You become what you think

Your current beliefs are the result of all the things you got exposed to in your life. But there is a small trick here. Why do some people get exposed to the same negative stuff yet don't develop negative beliefs?

Its because of the way those people interpreted this new data and processed it before allowing it to get into the mind. Now this way of processing the information is also learned from the sources those people got exposed to earlier in their lives.

In short, even if you have a great brain you will still develop negative beliefs about life if you didn't get exposed to the correct sources.

And of course you can guess what will happen when you develop negative beliefs. The way you see life will change, you won't become motivated, you will lose energy and might get depressed.

So how can you prevent those negative beliefs from being developed?

Lets be realistic, there is no way on earth you will be able to avoid negativity. Negative people are everywhere. And so the only way to prevent this negativity from affecting you is to get exposed to some positivity to counter its effect.

In my previous article How long does it take for beliefs to change i explained how negative beliefs can be changed by getting exposed to positive sources.

Now the important question is, where is that positive source?
Don't worry i solved that problem for you :)

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