4 Reasons you should never drift away from your friends when you get into a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You got into a relationship? So what about your friends?

Are you the kind of person who disappears right after getting into a relationship?
Do you unintentionally reduce contact with your friends as soon as you get into a relationship?

So many people build walls around themselves as soon as they get into relationships. Women do that much more often than men. People who do so think that they are getting more devoted to their relationship partners but the problem is that this habit can ruin everything including the relationship they are trying to protect.

If you do so then know that both your friendship and relationship are at risk.
Let's see how can this happen.

4 Reasons you should never drift away from your friends when you get into a relationship

  • 1) You are more likely to become a love addict: When you cut the connection with your friends your only source of intimacy becomes your relationship partner. Now this might sound good until you have a fight or a breakup. When problems happen you will have nothing to lean on, you will feel lonely, empty and you will suffer a lot. (see also 5 Signs you are a love addict)
  • 2) You will push away your lover: When you become dependent on one person for emotional support you will become extremely needy and as a result your partner might get annoyed. No one likes needy people and the more you stay away from your close friends the more needy you will become.
  • 3) Your friends will ignore you: Your friends won't like the fact that you don't contact them anymore and as a result they will start ignoring you back. And when you really need them you might not find them and so you will end up feeling both broken and lonely
  • 4) Your partner will suffocate: People need to have their space. If your life is empty and you have nothing to do but to nag your partner then shortly he will suffocate. When you have friends while you are in a relationship you will be able to give your partner his space

Why some people find it very hard to recover from breakups

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i talked about the case of the person who cuts the connection with his friends, stops doing his hobbies and makes his life fully dedicated to his love partner.

When that person breaks up he feels he has nothing left simply because he has lost everything. Had this person been living a healthy and balanced life the breakup would have hurt him much less.

In other words when you make someone your everything not only you become 100% dependent on him but you risk losing everything when anything gets wrong.

Stay in touch with your friends, keep your hobbies and give your partner his space. This is the best way to have a healthy relationship.

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