4 things that can get you attached to a stranger quickly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i getting attached to that person?

Ever found yourself getting attached to a person you never thought about being with? In some cases where a person tries hard to grab your attention by being kind and nice attachment can happen but what about cases where you start getting attached to someone for no apparent reason?

Well the good news i have for you is that there is always a reason but the problem is that the reason can sometimes be too subtle to be noticed. According to some studies there are some strange factors that could get you attached to a person you never wanted to be with. In this article i will tell you about some of those factors so that you don't get attached to a person all of a sudden without knowing why it happened.

4 things that can get you attached to a stranger quickly

  • 1) Working on a common goal: According to a study people who work on a common goal , even if it was a work related project, tend to become attached to each other. The attachment happens because their subconscious minds find many things in common between them both. This is why so many people find their work mates attractive
  • 2) Spending a lot of time together: This could be a side effect of point number one. When people work on a common goal they spend more time together and as they get used to each other one of them might start developing emotions. This becomes very apparent when one of the people gets busy and the other misses him. The reason this happens is that the mind is always in constant search for the future potential partner and because spending a lot of time together can make a person seem more attractive the subconscious mind can easily be fooled. See also (Mere exposure effect)
  • 3) Doing exciting activities together: In one study it was found that men were more likely to call the female experimenter who handed them her number when they met on a suspension bridge than when they met her somewhere else. The emotions resulting from thrill and excitement can easily be confused by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind in this case thinks that those emotions are the result of being around that person it just met (See also Attraction and anxiety)
  • 4) False signals: If you are desperate for a relationship then then you might mistakenly interpret someone's nice behavior as a sign of interest. The problem with attraction is that it can happen as soon as the "what if that person likes me" question is asked. When this becomes a possibility in your mind you are more likely to think about that person until you find yourself attached to him (see also Why mystery leads to attachment)

What if all of these things happened together?

In real life you can't fall for a person just because you met him on a suspension bridge But let's imagine that the following scenario happened: You started working with a person in your new job, because of the nature of your job you spent a lot of time together and had to go through some exciting experiences. Now if that person was a bit nice to you then there is a great possibility that you will become attached to him because all of previous factors were combined together.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that you can hardly fall for a person if he didn't meet your unconscious criteria (the unconscious love list) but when the things stated above happen all together some people seem to become more flexible.

Of course when someone goes for a person he doesn't really want the result is an unhealthy relationship and this is why you must be aware of those factors in order not to get attached to the wrong person.

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