Attraction and anxiety

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Attraction and anxiety

What is the connection between attraction and anxiety?
Can anxiety intensify attraction or is it just a myth?

Studies have shown that people become more attracted to each other when they meet during situations that involve high levels of anxiety.

in my book How to make someone fall in love with you i even said that trying to setup the scene so that you meet your target in a highly stressful situation is likely to make him like you more.

In this article i will tell you exactly how attraction is connected to anxiety and why do they affect each other.

How anxiety affects attractiveness

An experiment was conducted by letting an attractive woman survey men while they were passing over a suspension bridge, a situation that made most men feel anxious. After the survey was done each man was given the phone number of the researcher to call her back for the results. Many men called after wards.

When the same experiment was repeated on a safer bridge lower number of men made phone calls back to the researcher!!

This shows that anxiety can intensify attraction. This is also another reason why some hostages start to sympathize with their kidnappers after a while.

How to use anxiety to attract someone

You can increase your attractiveness by using what i call induced excitement. Just let the person you like join you in an activity that can make you both feel anxious and the attraction between you both will intensify.

When people do activities that are exciting and that induce some anxiety such as seeing a horror movie together they become more attracted to each other.

Of course you can't use anxiety to attract someone from scratch but its just one of the tools that you can add to your inventory when you are trying to attract someone who is important to you.

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