5 Psychological reasons some people love the winter

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can someone like the winter?

In one of the most cold days that Egypt has witnessed in more than 100 years I spent the day feeling extremely bored because many of my friends preferred not to go out.

I was bored, restless, annoyed and i above all Cold. To my surprise when i logged on to Facebook i found so many people saying that this weather is awesome and that they love it. (see also Does checking Facebook make you unhappy)

This troubled me a lot because i couldn't find any sane reason that could make a person prefer very cold weather over sunny weather but as always, psychology came to the rescue and it helped me find out exactly why do some people prefer winter and cold weather.

5 reasons some people love the winter

  • 1) Psychological security: Everything you experience affects your mood and psychological state. In winter people usually close the windows, lock the doors and turn heaters on. As a result the person isolates himself in a small area inside his house and this makes the subconscious mind believe that its safe from threats. Stress gets reduced, a person feels more secure and as a result he believes he loves the cold weather while in fact he just feels safe because he locked himself up
  • 2) Reduced guilt: On a sunny day most people find no excuses to delay important work, not to go to the gym or to see friends but in the cold weather things become different. When someone drops an activity on a cold day he usually feels less guilty than if he dropped it on a sunny day. "After all its so cold, i will go to the gym as soon as the weather improves".
  • 3) I am not missing anything: Sometimes a person feels unhappy at home because of knowing that he is missing something that is happening out there. If your friends are at the beach and you are at home then you are very likley to feel bad but if everyone is forced to stay at home then you aren't missing anything even if you have no plans!
  • 4) Social isolation: Extroverts always hate cold weather unless they want to go skiing or do an outdoor activity. Introverts on the other hand enjoy staying alone and have no problems in spending a day or two inside their houses. This is why introverts are more likely to love the winter than extroverts
  • 5) Reduced stress: With less noise on the streets, so many closed shops and restaurants people get the feeling that life has slowed down its pace and as a result they feel more relaxed and less stressed during winter days.

But i really like the winter

Your subconscious mind is smart enough not to tell you that you prefer not to see people or that you are looking for an excuse not to exercise. That's why it makes you think that winter is great while keeping the real reasons away from your conscious awareness. (see also Self deception psychology)

Its OK to like the winter if none of these reasons were true in your case but you might want to check for the existence of any similar reasons in order to understand yourself more.

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