7 reasons cheating feels so good (the psychology of cheating explained)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Cheating is really bad

First of all i would like to be clear that i strongly believe that cheating is really bad and that it can have horrible consequences. But because 2knowmyself's role is to explain everything in terms of psychology i decided to write this article to let you know why some people are motivated to cheat.

Drugs are very harmful but they give a pleasant feeling. The same can happen with cheating. Some people actually feel better after they cheat because of the different psychological reasons that i will explain below.

The aim of the article is to not let you think that cheating is good but to allow you to fix those psychological flaws that might lead to cheating.

7 reasons cheating feels so good (the psychology of cheating explained)

  • 1) Revenge: Sometimes the main reason a person feels like cheating is the unconscious desire to get revenge. People who think their life partners deserve a punishment can unconsciously feel like wanting to cheat without knowing that the desire for revenge is the real motive (See also Why you sometimes never get motivated)
  • 2) See, I am Good: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that sometimes all the cheater wants is approval. The self esteem boost so many people get when they know that they are still desired motivates them to cheat. Again that desire is usually unconscious (the person doesn't know why he enjoys cheating)
  • 3) Novelty leads to excitement: I have said earlier that novel experiences provide much more pleasure than ordinary or usual ones. Men in particular are more interested in novel partners and by cheating they feed that desire
  • 4) Secret relationships ignite passion: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how secret relationships ignite passion and trigger the release of happiness chemicals in the brain
  • 5) I am smart: 10 different people could cheat for 10 different reasons simply because humans are different. Some people get the feeling that they are smarter than their spouses when they cheat. If a person had the intense desire to feel smart and didn't find another channel he might use cheating to satisfy that desire.(see also The hidden causes behind odd human behavior)
  • 6) I am unique: Some people feel good when they cheat because they get the feeling that they are unique and special. By breaking the rules and going against the norms those people satisfy their egos and the desire to be special (see also Why do people behave the way they do
  • 7) Believing they are harming no body: Not every person feels good while cheating. In fact some people feel really bad and this depends on how the person thinks of cheating. People who think they are harming no body are the ones who are more likely to feel good while cheating

The wrong way to satisfy your desire

Emotions and psychological desires are very powerful that they need to be channeled correctly. When you understand yourself well you will be able to take actions that help you satisfy your desires without harming yourself or others.

Cheating is one improper way for satisfying proper desires. Do you want to feel more worthy? Then do something notable but don't cheat. It's the same as using drugs to feel good instead of doing something really meaningful that makes you feel great.

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