7 signs it's time to leave your job

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why people will always tell you to keep your job

Quitting a job or moving to another one has always been a sensitive topic. After all as soon as you think about quitting all of the people you know without exception will usually push you to remain where you are.

Most people are more comfortable with what they know and what they got used to even if they were unsatisfied with it. It's so common for a person to keep his horrible job just because he is too afraid to move out of his comfort zone. Those fears extend to other people as well in such a way that the person who has them will always try to scare those who attempt to do things differently.

Most people stick to the system even if it drains them and they try to pull back anybody who tries to exit it just because they got programmed to remain where they are even if it hurts them.

Because of all that depending on others to tell you when you should quit or not is a fatal mistake for they will always try to motivate you to keep your job.

7 signs it's time to leave your job

  • 1)Sleeping problems on weekdays but not on weekends : If you hate your job then your subconscious mind might try to help you by preventing you from sleeping at night. By doing so it will be thinking that its protecting you from reaching the next day fast. (see also 5 shocking reasons why you can't sleep at night)
  • 2) Getting sick very often: When your mind finds you doing a job that you really hate it might try to force you to rest by making you sick. After all many of the colds you get are merely psychological and are there to serve certain purposes (in this case: keeping you away from a work environment that you hate)
  • 3) Horrible feelings starting from Sunday noon : In many of my previous articles i said that your mind uses emotions to motivate you to take certain actions. Now when your mind finds that you are doing a job that you really hate it might bombard you with horrible emotions on the last day of the weekend. The purpose of such emotions in such a case is to motivate you to quit or to find another job!
  • 4) Unexplained bad moods or even depression: Ever found yourself feeling bad or even depressed for no apparent reason? In fact there is a reason but because you chose to ignore it you became clueless of the root cause and you started to experience bad moods without knowing what's going on. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that in most cases those unexplained bad moods are a result of an important problem that you are ignoring (such as hating your job)
  • 5) Losing your temper very easily: If you aren't the type of person who loses his temper easily then suddenly discovered that you are changing then know that you are getting exposed to a tremendous amount of stress in an important life area (maybe work?) that your tolerance for daily challenges is becoming lower
  • 6) Procrastinating very often : Are you procrastinating more than usual? Did you start spending more time on social networks or games? Procrastination is in many cases an escapement mechanism that your mind uses to prevent you from doing the things that you hate and so if you hate your job you are very likely to procrastinate much more than you usually do
  • 7) Thinking a lot about quitting: If quitting became a major issue that consumes a big portion of your daily thoughts then know that this job has became unbearable for you that your mind can't spend a day without thinking about it.

Should i quit my job if i hate it?

In my article Should i quit my job if i hate it i said that you need to get back to your priorities and values to know the right answer.

Do you value freedom more than money?
Is paying your bills more important than your happiness?

Even if your answers showed that you need the job more than you need to be happy still there are few more questions that you should ask yourself.

I am too afraid to quit?
Is wanting to be in my comfort zone preventing me from thinking of other opportunities?
Can't i quit and find another job a month later?
Who invented the "Don't quit your job until you find another one rule" ?

Let me help you by answering one of the questions for you.
The answer to the last question is : Scared and insecure people

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