job interview tips no one mentions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The common interview advice

So you have been told to be confident, to use proper body language and to dress properly for an interview, right?

I am sure you already know that those tips are known to every inhabitant on our planet and because everyone does them they are no more an advantage at job interviews. So what else can you do at an interview to increase your chance of getting the job?

In addition to these common tips there are some other untold tips that are actually 10 times more effective than the ones everyone is repeating. In this post i am going to tell you about some of the uncommon interview tips.

job interview tips no one mentions

Every company posts a job to public when they need someone to fill a certain space in the organization. And by saying filling a space i am not referring to doing the job itself but rather to the skills needed to fullfil the needs of the organization.

Lets suppose that you applied for an accountant job and during the interview you were asked how creative you are. If you were reading the common interview tips everyone says then most probably you will try to show the interviewer how creative you are while in fact this kind of job might need a person who loves routine, who can do the same boring tasks everyday and who doesn't need a space to be creative.

In other words there are no model answers to interview questions because each company has different needs. This is why the most important interview tip is to collect information about the company's needs (and not the company itself) before you go for the job. (see also Answering interview tips properly)

The interviewer is a human

Many people especially new graduates believe that the interviewer is a super hero who is ultimately confident and who has no insecurities. In fact in some interviews the interviewer could be more worried than the candidate or he could be feeling more tensed before the interview.

For some unknown reason candidates believe that interviewers are omnipotent creatures and that's why they feel terrified during the interview.

Once you understand that you are meeting a normal human you wont need to fake the feelings of confidence and you will find yourself much more at ease.

Good traits can get you rejected

Most people who give interview advice say that you must show all of your good traits to the interviewer but in fact one of your good traits could prevent you from getting the job. (see also Why job is right for you)

Lets suppose you applied for a job in a company that doesn't have much growth opportunities for employees. In such case showing that you are extremely ambitious might let the interviewer believe that you are not the type of person who will stay in the job for long.

In other words, the good traits you need to display depend on the type of job you are applying for. In some cases acting confident and assertive can intimidate the interviewer and prevent him from giving you the job.

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