Can depression be a choice

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why so many people fail to get rid of depression

As soon as depression is mentioned most people quickly start talking about brain chemicals and blaming them for the bad emotion.

But Let me ask a quick question: If you fear dogs then saw a dog and got afraid, what caused the fear in this case? The answer is: some chemicals as well that were produced in your body.

Now does it make any sense to try to fix those chemicals without addressing your irrational fear of dogs? It doesn't make any sense because as soon as you will see another dog your chemicals will go wrong again.

What i want to say is that brain chemicals can control our emotions but there are other big factors that control those brain chemicals.

Trying to treat depression by focusing on brain chemicals alone is like trying to prevent some rotten food from emitting a bad smell by spraying perfume in the air. The right action in such a case is getting rid of the rotten food for good.

Can depression be a choice?

Sam was a very ambitious but lazy man. Even though he wanted to make big achievements in life he hated to do demanding tasks. One day while he was driving his car a quick negative thought came to his mind. A voice in his head told him that he won't be able to reach his goals through his current job and because he was too lazy to look for another one he quickly ignored that thought.

All of this didn't take a fraction of a second then everything was back to normal. The next morning Sam felt much less energetic and didn't feel like going to work. In two more days he felt worse and depression symptoms started to show on him.

He never understood what was going on but he just realized that he was depressed. Had he been aware of the dynamics of depression he would have realized that the moment he ignored that negative thought he had days ago he planted the seed of depression in his mind.

Sam Chose depression

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression happens when a person believes that there is no hope in reaching an important goal that matters to him a lot. Sam always wanted to make big achievements in life but because the path to reaching that goal was never blocked Sam never felt depressed.

When that negative thought visited his mind he chose to ignore it thus giving a signal to his mind that he won't take any further actions. His subconscious then concluded that everything will remain the same, that he will never make any big achievements and so depression started.

Now if Sam did everything in the world to fix his brain chemicals he still won't be able to get over depression until he proves to his mind that there is still some hope. In other words, Sam chose depression instead of hard work without realizing that he did so.

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